27 Aug 2009
In Nature China this week - An eight-year study carried out by researchers in Hong Kong reveals the molecular mechanisms of myosin dimerization
19 Aug 2009
Canada’s IDRC, CIDA, and Australia's AusAID are pleased to announce a CA $8 million research collaboration in Southeast Asia on infectious disease emergence and prevention.
17 Aug 2009
How did love begin? How about Scotch tape, teeth, the artificial heart, the vibrator? And clocks, the paper clip, diamond, chocolate? Origin of the Universe; Origin of the Mind; Origin of Life on Earth; Origin of Computing
05 Aug 2009
Summaries of newsworthy papers Astronomy: Unravelling an enigma, Virology: HIV architecture on display, Astronomy: Galaxy evolution a massive mystery and Economic boost, fertility bust?
05 Aug 2009
In Nature China this week - Composite fibres reinforced with a reticulate network of carbon nanotubes are ten times stronger than conventional composite fibres
31 Jul 2009
With the rise of (H1N1) cases around the world, there is a pressing need at medical institutions to detect infections. As a part of emergency government research aimed at addressing this need, RIKEN and University of Tokyo, are developing an H1N1 detection technique based on its SmartAmp technology.
29 Jul 2009
In Nature China this week - Researchers in Beijing have identified the first multi-component sex pheromone in spiders
24 Jul 2009
Fluctuations in the levels of various molecules in the blood provide a reliable indicator of the body’s internal clock
24 Jul 2009
The new center, one of the Keio Advanced Research Centers (KARCs), will act as a space for joint collaboration among researchers attempting to understand the intelligence that makes us human.
17 Jul 2009
Researchers identify a population of olfactory sensory neurons that is responsible for zebrafish attraction towards amino acids
Professor George Woo
16 Jul 2009
Professor George Woo, internationally renowned Optometry expert and Dean of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, has recently taken the helm of the World Council of Optometry for a term of two years.
13 Jul 2009
A team of Japanese scientists has uncovered anatomical clues charting the developmental path by which the turtle acquired its shell.
10 Jul 2009
A timid knockout mouse separates conflicting emotional behavior for the first time
09 Jul 2009
According to the Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Omar Osman, USM is providing this service in view of the fact that some of the participants at the Asia Pacific Regional Symposium (APPS 2009) held in one of the hotels in Penang from 26 June till 1 July 2009 were confirmed positive for the H1N1 flu virus last week.
08 Jul 2009
In Nature China this week - A novel class of nanoparticles formed by the self-assembly of antimicrobial peptides is extremely effective against brain infections
07 Jul 2009
Scientists are a step closer to pinning down the functions of the different regions of the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for high level cognitive behaviour such as decision making and social conduct.
03 Jul 2009
Three papers in Nature this week provide new insights into genetic variation and schizophrenia risk. Using combined data from three large cohorts, the papers jointly reveal significant associations to individual loci that implicate immunity, cognition and brain development.
29 Jun 2009
26 June 2009 - ID Business Solutions Ltd, a leading provider of innovative data management solutions to multinational R&D organisations, today announced that it has concluded an unconditional agreement to acquire InforSense Ltd, a company providing award-winning scientific and business intelligence technologies.
29 Jun 2009
In a press conference today BSI-TOYOTA Collaboration Center announced that they have succeeded in developing a system which utilizes one of the fastest technologies in the world, controlling a wheelchair using brain waves in as little as 125 milliseconds. A link to the demonstation video is provided.
23 Jun 2009
This book aims to redress the relative lack of published information on successful telehealth solutions in the developing world. It presents real-life stories from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
18 Jun 2009
Keio University Intellectual Property Center has prepared videos featuring some of their top technologies in biotechnology and engineering.
12 Jun 2009
Knocking out a clock gene in plant cells interrupts mitochondrial function and energy release
11 Jun 2009
A new analysis of the current swine-origin H1N1 influenza A virus suggests that transmission to humans occurred several months before recognition of the existing outbreak.
10 Jun 2009
In Nature China this week - A novel ubiquitin ligase that promotes the production of type I interferon may be effective against viral infection
05 Jun 2009
We thought that the avian flu might have been that new strain, but surprisingly enough, it turned out to be another new flu, swine flu, which was suddenly contracted from pigs in Mexico in April 2009.
02 Jun 2009
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has recently organized a lecture on the "Development of the Visual System: Nature vs. Nurture", conducted by Prof. Torsten Wiesel, Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine in 1981.
29 May 2009
The Foreign Postdoctoral Researcher (FPR) program offers aspiring young foreign researchers with creative ideas and who show promise of becoming internationally active in the future the opportunity to pursue innovative research at RIKEN under the direction of a RIKEN laboratory head.
29 May 2009
Genome Profiling Technology Unit proceeds with development of gene diversity detecting technology which can be popularized and contribute to society. Especially we focus on the technical achievement which is practical convenient and accurate and also popularize that technology.
27 May 2009
A transgenic line of monkeys carrying a gene encoding green fluorescent protein fully integrated into their DNA has been created for the first time. The research, published in Nature this week, marks the first such feat in non-human primates and paves the way for developing new models of human diseases.
27 May 2009
In Nature China this week - Goose liver tells a big fat story, Mimicking the potassium channel and The bliss of growth


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