18 Jun 2008
Summaries of papers: Saturn's second aurora, Magnetic resonance images in colour, Insight into each end of the chordate lineage, 'Identical twins', years apart, Solution for global puzzle of nitrogen-loving trees, Ticking of the segmentation clock, Warming and rising of oceans, Taking the strain in electronic devices and In pursuit of happiness
11 Jun 2008
In a press release issued today, Keio University scientists have shown that pigeons are able to discriminate video images of themselves, paintings of certain painters (Van Gogh vs Chagall) and more. The video image discrimination ability is higher than 3-year-old children. (Pictures available)
11 Jun 2008
Keio University applied the technology “to operate the computer using brain images released last year and succeeds in enabling a disabled person suffering muscle disorder to stroll through “Second Life®, to walk towards the avatar of a student and to have a conversation with the student using the “voice chat” function.
11 Jun 2008
Call for papers - Theme: Realisation of Biodiversity Potentials Through Applied Biology
11 Jun 2008
In Nature China this week - A skeleton found in Liaoning province provides a new insight into the evolution and migration of modern humans in East Asia and more research stories.
05 Jun 2008
This paper presents the findings of a study involving some common Ayurvedic medicines, which revealed the presence of heavy metals and synthetic steroids that were in some cases responsible for significant morbidity among those who consumed them.
05 Jun 2008
Sarawak, Malaysia - UNIMAS (University Malaysia Sarawak) is the only university in Malaysia that has been accepted by the Canadian IIQM as its Cooperating Site.
04 Jun 2008
In Nature China this week - Experiments at the Beijing Spectrometer may have produced invisible particles that lie outside the Standard Model and more
02 Jun 2008
Prof Asma, is the recipient of various awards and fellowships including the Young Scientist Award, International Federation of Inventors Award for Outstanding Malaysian Women Inventor, Avon-Tan Sri Fatimah Malaysian Women of Distinction Award, National Invention Award and the National Innovation Award
28 May 2008
The Gold medal winners were for L2 Lipase: A Thermostable Enzyme for Industrial Applications and Production of Palm-based Anti Obesity Functional Oil.
22 May 2008
Cancer of the nasopharynx has its highest incidence in South East Asia, and is more prevalent in the Chinese population. Past studies linked its development to genetic predisposition and herpesvirus infections. UNIMAS researchers in this on-going project have further discovered the involvement of genes not previously implicated.
14 May 2008
Penang, Malaysia - The award carries a cash prize of USD100,000, a trophy and a certificate was first introduced in 2002 with the aim of promoting research and knowledge development, particularly in the field of science, amongst institutions in member countries of IDB.
14 May 2008
Summaries of newsworthy papers include Atmosphere: Message in a bubble, Climate change: Huge analysis shows warming is changing the world, Planetary science: Pole to pole and Materials: Practical polaritonics
14 May 2008
This week from Nature China - Clinical trials show that a new malaria vaccine is safe and effective in humans, and may one day help control malaria, Female Chinese jumping spiders prefer males that reflect ultraviolet-B rays and more.
08 May 2008
Summaries of newsworthy papers include Climate: Atmospheric aerosol and sea temperature, The planets: Mysteries surrounding the ‘butterscotch’ planet’s equator and Predicting fish diversity patterns in river networks
07 May 2008
In Nature China this week - A study in Hong Kong shows that deaths related to air pollution are more likely in disadvantaged communities and more.
28 Apr 2008
With cooperation with the Australian Cranio-Maxillo Facial Foundation, University Science Malaysia (USM) offers hope to local patients with facial and skull deformities.
23 Apr 2008
Serdang, Malaysia - Five out of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) six researchers, whom participated in the International Exhibition of Inventions New Techniques and Products Geneva (INTPG).
23 Apr 2008
In Nature China this week - In Nanjing, a 52-year-old father has caught the same strain of avian influenza virus that killed his 24-year-old son
16 Apr 2008
The genomic sequences of more than a thousand influenza virus isolates are analysed in research published online in Nature this week. The results suggest a model in which new lineages arise from the tropics and move towards more temperate regions, and the work will have implications for selection of viruses for vaccine programmes.
16 Apr 2008
In Nature China this week, transgenic rice has been genetically modified with specific herbicide intolerance, which can be used to control its spread and more
13 Apr 2008
Preserving the longstanding educational philosophy of the Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy, Keio University will work together to establish a new comprehensive model of pharmacy education, research, social contribution and international cooperation for the future of Japan and the world.
09 Apr 2008
In this week's Nature China - Active compounds found in bitter melon have potential to treat diabetes, Satellite images show that the Indian Ocean tsunami had a long-lasting impact on sediments in the Bay of Bengal, The wild population of rare orchids is increasing in China's tropical nature reserves and more
08 Apr 2008
A study by researchers from the University of the Philippines Diliman and the Nihon University in Tokyo, Japan, shows that age, gender, place of residence, and health status/behavior indicators significantly affect future health and mortality of older people, ages 50 and above, in the Philippines.
02 Apr 2008
Participation is welcomed to the 1st Biennial International Evidence-Based Nursing Conference which will be held at the Crowne Plaza Riverside in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia from 25-28 June 2008.
31 Mar 2008
After Vietnam, the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder entered into our vocabularies...yet violent conflict affects not only the individual, but also whole societal structures
19 Mar 2008
A vegetable-rich diet has been linked to a higher risk of obesity in Chinese people
14 Mar 2008
Researchers from Keio University are working on new medical technology to balance immunological and inflammatory reactions. They are also working on monitoring chips for the critically ill patients, quick diagnostic procedures for infectious diseases and materials for prevention of in-hospital infection
12 Mar 2008
This week in Nature China - A combination of DNA vaccination in conjunction with conventional chemotherapy may provide better control of tuberculosis
28 Feb 2008
Dust mite and cockroach allergens aggravate the symptoms of eczema and similar diseases by disrupting skin barrier function, a study published online this week in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology reports. The work provides a crucial step in understanding how the skin’s defenses are weakened by allergens it encounters daily.


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