21 May 2009
Summaries of newsworthy papers include Early Mars cold and wet?, Are you in charge of your weight?, Optical device records in 5D, Early microbes took some battering, How Down’s syndrome protects, DNA genie bottle assembles itself
20 May 2009
In Nature China this week - Researchers in China have generated pluripotent stem cells from the Tibetan miniature pig.
15 May 2009
Accumulating data has demonstrated that Japanese macaques and degus, the latter a kind of rodent, are capable of using tools after training. Changes in brain functioning that may have led to human intelligence are being elucidated.
14 May 2009
In Nature China this week - A gene specifically expressed in shell glands could determine the survival of brine shrimp eggs in extreme environments.
08 May 2009
More than 320 delegates attended the Sixth Asia Cornea and Contact Lens Conference organized by The Hong Kong Society of Professional Optometrists and co-organized by PolyU School of Optometry and...
08 May 2009
A news feature published this week in Nature Medicine explores how researchers are using high-tech solutions to overcome these types of challenges.
29 Apr 2009
In Nature China this week - Terrestrial ecosystems in China may have absorbed 28-37% of the country's fossil-fuel emissions over the past two decades
27 Apr 2009
The discovery that monkey malaria parasites are causing human malaria in Malaysian Borneo, lead by scientists at the Malaria Research Centre, UNIMAS, was featured in a television documentary aired by Australian Broadcasting Corp on 2nd April 2009.
27 Apr 2009
Views from Professor Ichiro Innami of the Faculty of Policy Management in Keio University - "Although we are well on the way to an extremely aging society never experienced throughout the world, health care system is not at all ready for that."
24 Apr 2009
High-resolution structural data about an essential protein reveal new insights into how some cells transform fiber into force
15 Apr 2009
In Nature China this week - Researchers in China have uncovered the underlying mechanisms of morphine tolerance
08 Apr 2009
In Nature China this week - A cleverly designed peptide has been fabricated for therapeutic applications such as drug release, tissue repair and regenerative medicine
03 Apr 2009
UP Los Baños is currently employing biotechnology to produce clinically-important compounds from an erstwhile common garden plant – the Vinca. According to Dr. Eufrocinio Marfori of BIOTECH based at UP Los Baños, his team is looking for more natural products which can be derived from the Vinca.
01 Apr 2009
Prof. Asma discovered the antigen for Salmonella Typhi and developed a diagnostic kit for typhoid fever which has been commercialised in more than 18 countries, Prof. Halimaton initiated the study "zeolite and nanostructures" and Dr Salmah is active in efforts to overcome the impacts of floods and pollution as a result of uncontrolled development.
25 Mar 2009
In Nature China this week - Researchers in China have developed a rapid and effective strategy for identifying DNA-binding regulatory factors
18 Mar 2009
In Nature China this week - Researchers have dated the 'Peking Man' fossils as 200,000 years older than previously thought
13 Mar 2009
A previously enigmatic protein has been found to play a direct role in monitoring glucose levels in the body
11 Mar 2009
In Nature China this week - Researchers in China have uncovered the molecular mechanism by which resistance to chemotherapy drugs is developed
06 Mar 2009
PETALING JAYA, February 16 - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Dutch Lady Milk Industries (M) join hands in a research project to study on milk nutrition and mental performance of Malaysian pre- school children.
06 Mar 2009
Genomic studies have now provided enough understanding to design clock genes
04 Mar 2009
HONG KONG, 4 March - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has signed an agreement with the CareLife Healthcare Limited (CareLife) today and received a strong boost of HK$30 million from the company to support further research and development of its patented, award-winning "Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Meter".
27 Feb 2009
RIKEN and the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS) hosted an international conference, ‘Molecular Imaging 2008 — Breaking New Ground in Drug Discovery and PET Diagnosis’ in Kobe on Dec 14 and 15.
20 Feb 2009
The project aims to clarify the mechanism of information processing in shogi players’ intuitive thinking, and thereby shed light on rapid perception and decision-making in the human brain.
18 Feb 2009
Summaries of newsworthy papers include MRI: The big picture; Climate: Carbon storage in African forests; Neuroscience: We know what you’re thinking; Molecular pathway for neuronal cull and Self-assembled ‘daisies’
15 Feb 2009
It was a banner Nobel year for Japan last year. It was an exceptional feat that Japanese both captured the Nobel Prize for Physics, and we also shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The Nobel Prize, of course, is not awarded to a nation, but rather to individuals in honour of their remarkable contributions to society.
08 Feb 2009
“The research would focus on the traces of protein and chemical contents in the gloves in order to identify the level of sensitivity especially those with high possibilities to react actively with the contents,”
06 Feb 2009
Statistical analysis helps the search for fundamental causes of disease. Most Japanese people fall into one of two distinct groups genetically, biostatisticians from RIKEN’s Center for Genomic Medicine in Yokohama have shown.
04 Feb 2009
In Nature China this week - Insight into the signalling pathway of insulin resistance opens up new strategies against type 2 diabetes
30 Jan 2009
British broadcaster Sir David Attenborough presents his views on Charles Darwin, natural selection, and how the Bible has put the natural world in peril in an exclusive interview for Nature Video.
30 Jan 2009
By turning enzymes into better editors, Japanese scientists achieve improved results in protein engineering


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