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Moving beyond graphene

Materials, Technology15 Mar 2019
Developing materials similar to graphene remains a challenge, but chemists are making progress, moving closer to smaller, faster electronics and photonics.

Powerful new system for studying diabetic kidney disease

Health, Medicine14 Mar 2019
A new mouse model accurately mimics diabetic kidney disease in humans, suggesting new approaches for treatment.
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Two strains of oil eating bacteria found in Antarctica

Environment, Science13 Mar 2019
Indigenous bacteria show promise for cleaning up pollution.
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Protecting rice plants by exploiting their natural defences

Plants & Animals, Science11 Mar 2019
An analysis of the chemical signals sent out by rice plants under attack by the brown planthopper could help in the natural control of this insect pest.
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New species of malaria parasite found in long-tailed macaques

Diseases, Medicine, Plants & Animals07 Mar 2019
Molecular analysis reveals that long-tailed macaques from Malaysian Borneo host a previously unidentified species of Plasmodium malaria parasite.

Electron sandwich doubles thermoelectric performance

Energy06 Mar 2019
The ability of thermoelectric materials to convert heat into electricity has been more than doubled. This could help reduce the amount of wasted heat, and thus wasted fossil fuel, in daily activities and industries.
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Memory foam scaffold helps bone regenerate

Health, Medicine, Technology05 Mar 2019
A new scaffold expands to fill in bone defects and encourage tissue growth.

Converting vibrations into electricity

Technology04 Mar 2019
Compact chips could power electronics using natural vibrations.
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Nanotech massage produces safe brain cells

Brain, Health, Medicine01 Mar 2019
An award-winning device employs nanotechnology to safely grow neural stem cells for replacement therapy research.

The cancerous effect of reflux?

Medicine28 Feb 2019
Investigations suggest a link between bile acid reflux and cancer of the upper throat.

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