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2020 Magazine articles

spins of light

Computing with spins of light

Technology21 Jan 2020Tokyo University of Science
Vortex-like flows of light particles within an optical fibre could help solve the unsolvable.

Protein links childhood stress to irritable bowel syndrome

Diseases, Health, Medicine20 Jan 2020
Blocking a central nervous system protein could treat irritable bowel syndrome.

Making new catalysts from unique metallic alloys

Materials, Technology17 Jan 2020
Playing with the elements of magnetic alloys can lead to effective industrial catalysts.

Finding levers of change

Culture, People17 Jan 2020
Assessing the social science research landscape of developing countries reveals key challenges to building strong and influential research systems.

Gas could be insulating an underground ocean on Pluto

Science, Space15 Jan 2020
A gassy insulating layer beneath the icy surfaces of distant celestial objects could mean there are more oceans in the universe than previously thought.

Purer, safer drugs by removing the evil twin

Medicine, Nanotech15 Jan 2020
A new method could speed up drug discovery and lead to purer, side-effect-free medications.
Shan women

Sparking change through research

Culture, People, Politics14 Jan 2020
Social scientists in Myanmar seeking to understand the factors that influence women’s participation in politics and the economy are finding that, before they can study, first they must inform.

Dual stem cell therapy for repairing failed hearts

Biotech, Medicine14 Jan 2020
A new approach uses two types of stem cells to repair both heart muscle and blood vessels damaged during severe heart attacks.

Giant jellyfish genome reveals evolution of hunting

Genetics, Plants & Animals13 Jan 2020
Analysis of the Nomura’s jellyfish genome has identified unique genetic adaptations that helped them become early, successful multi-cellular predators.

Finding the genes that turn on Japanese encephalitis

Brain, Diseases, Genetics13 Jan 2020
A hyperactive gene response to Japanese encephalitis virus infection ultimately leads to brain inflammation.

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