‘Value, Expertise & Trust- VET’ model unveiled for healthcare industry in latest study by SPAG

A healthcare specialised independent communications and advocacy firm, SPAG revealed its inaugural and ambitious report, ‘Pave the Wave: APAC Healthcare Communications Outlook’.

Panellists discussing the state and role of communications, technology and data analytics in Healthcare Left to Right:
Aman Gupta- Co-founder and Managing Partner at SPAG (Panel Moderator)
Dr. Phillip Wong - NHCS Senior Consultant, Professor, and SPYDER ECG CMO
Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei - Special Advisor to NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, AmCham Singapore Interim
Justin Fong - A*STAR Corporate Communications Director

Singapore: A healthcare specialised independent communications and advocacy firm, SPAG (www.spag.asia) revealed its inaugural and ambitious report, ‘Pave the Wave: APAC Healthcare Communications Outlook’, amidst an august gathering of senior professionals in the healthcare industry. The event, co-hosted by KPMG on 2nd October 2019 in Singapore, was well attended with leading experts and media from the industry.

Based on conversations with leading communication experts across Asia-Pacific, the special report unveils a new communications framework for healthcare industry called the ‘VET Model’. Through this unique report, SPAG highlights the dire need to build narrative that considers Value, Expertise & Trust as three key drivers and a cohesive proposition for each stakeholder. The report also talks about the changing dynamics of different stakeholders in the ecosystem as well as how communications is gradually moving from the periphery and taking a centre stage in the business strategy. The report unveiling was followed by an enriching and thought-provoking panel discussion where the current state of communications in healthcare space was discussed.

5 Key Trends

#Think Global, Act Local – seeking the highest common denominator in a language that resonates with the end consumer cutting across geographical and cultural barrier

#LinkedIn, Healthcare Communications on Steroids!–leveraging LinkedIn, a strong resource centre for knowledge, expertise and a pool of new ideas and fresh thinking

#Understanding the local policy environment – sifting carefully through changing policy and finding a common ground for healthcare professionals, industry, stakeholders and the patients

 #Integrated Communications­–offering integrated and multi-channel communication campaigns with the capability to consistently engage and address multiple stakeholders

 #Rise of e-patients – keeping abreast with the new digital tools and optimally leverage them to enable effective patient interactions.

“We are extremely delighted to share this special report that analyses the ongoing changes in the ever-evolving healthcare communications, especially in the Asia Pacific region, focusing on its maturity and integration with the business strategy and how Value, Expertise and Trust are gradually defining the framework of communications in the healthcare sector. We believe that the next decade will be even more exciting for the healthcare industry and healthcare communicators alike compared to all that we have witnessed so far,” says Aman Gupta the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of SPAG.

The report showcases the radical changes in the healthcare industry and consumer behaviour. It acknowledges that how healthcare has gone beyond ‘pill’ which has led to paving path for newer ways of treating people. Communication around treatments has also seen a dynamic shift, leaving a huge task at the hands of healthcare communicators in the Asia Pacific region.

Data show that healthcare sector is currently growing at 12% (more) than the rest of the world. From the developed markets of Singapore to emerging medical hubs of Indonesia and Vietnam and others, and rapidly prospering economies complimented by increasingly sensitive public policy environments and its aging population, Asia is witnessing a transformation in the scope of healthcare in the region.

“Disruption has always been the cradle for new opportunities. This era of new possibilities is spurring key players in the healthcare ecosystem to re-evaluate their priorities and goals. This report is an innovative examination of factors that drive communications in the healthcare industry and an effort to showcase the increasing importance of efficient and responsible messaging delivered via the most appropriate platforms available today,” said Priyanka Bajpai, Regional Lead, Southeast Asia, SPAG. 

The APAC Healthcare Communications Outlook report aims to present the paradigm shift in perception of the healthcare communications, thereby helping bridge the gap between medicine and public health in a manner that facilitates large-scale healthcare interventions. The one-of-its-kind report also discloses the increasing influential role of healthcare communicators to help develop more engaging and clear communication steeped in domain expertise to help deliver greater value for patients.

About SPAG

SPAG is an award-winning, independent communications agency operating across Asia with ‘healthcare and life sciences’ at its core. The firm’s communication strategies in the healthcare sector span across pharma, technology, life sciences, wellness, associations, and policy making. Through ingenious storytelling approach, integrated campaigns and in-depth knowledge of markets SPAG has helped drive valuable impact on client’s businesses.

The firm’s network is primed to work around the world to address the local needs of our clients. Today, SPAG is formally a partner with Network One, Chemia network, WorldComm and Baird’s CMC. 

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