Dr Chin Chin Sia

Dr Chin Chin Sia is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Business & Law, Taylor's University, Malaysia.

Dr. Chin Chin Sia was admitted as Barrister in the Gray’s Inn, United Kingdom in 2003 after reading law at Cardiff University (Bar Vocational Course) in 2002 and University of Sheffield (LLB). In 2007, She was conferred Erasmus Mundus Bursary to complete her European Master in Law and Economics in University of Paul Cezanne (France), Ghent University (Belgium) and University of Bologna (Italy). She was conferred PhD in 2020 from the Taylor's University (Malaysia). She is a member of International Bar Association Probono (IBA Probono), Young International Arbitration Group (YIAG), Society of Legal Scholar (SLS) and International Association of Law School (IALS).

Chin Chin has practised and been appointed as legal advisors in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Italy in the areas of international commercial laws and scientific grants in research contracts for the past 10 years. She holds numerous committee appointments, including Committee Member of Animal Ethics in Teaching and Research (AEC) of Taylor’s University, Scientific Committee Member in Taylor's Teaching and Learning Conference (TTLC), Head of Marketing and Promotions in International Conference of Future of Law and Legal Practice (ICFLP) and Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC).

Her primary areas of research are in commercial law, public health focusing on food law and legal education. Chin Chin is also supervising both postgraduates and undergraduates in Faculty of Business and Law in Taylor’s University.


Selected publications

• Sia C.C., Duraisingam T.J., Mura P., Wong T.Z., and Ismail M.N. (2021). Potential effectiveness of menu labeling legislations to prevent obesity among adolescents in a private school in the Klang Valley, AOCOMASO 2021 Scientific Conference. Kuala Lumpur, 4-6 April• Sia, CC. (2020, August 25). Innovative School Foodservice Promotes Right to Healthy Food among Adolescents Using Active Learning Strategies, 7th International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism Management, Colombo, Sri Lanka.• Sia, C.C. & Amirnuddin, P. S. (2020). Self-regulated Lifelong Learning in Law Using LinkedIn. International Journal of Curriculum and Instruction 12 (Special Issue), 172-184• Sia, CC. & Jee, S.M.L. (2020, July 11). Legal Injustice to Small Businesses in Malaysia. Paper presented at the Business Faculty Conference 2020, Subang Jaya, Selangor.• Sia, C. C., & Duraisingam, T.J. (2019). International Health and Medical Sciences Conference (IHMSC 2019). What can law do to combat obesity in Malaysia? Journal of Health and Translational Medicine• Sia C.C., Duraisingam T.J., Wong T.Z., and Ismail M.N. (2019). Legal Tools to Reduce Obesity, MASO 2019 Scientific Conference. Kuala Lumpur, 15-16 October (pp. 86)  • Sia, CC. (2019, October 15). Loneliness in Law. Paper presented at the International Conference on the Future of Law and Legal Practice, Subang Jaya, Selangor.  • Talib, N., Iqbal Singh, H.S., Duraisingam, T.J., Sia, C.C. (2017). Aspirations of a Young Law School: Process, content and Direction, The Law Review 134-150 


Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Business and Law, Taylor's Law School
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