Associate Professor Chong Li Choo

Dr. Chong Li Choo is an accomplished academic, Associate Professor at Taylor's University, expert in food technology, and innovative product design. Award-winning researcher, director for Food Security & Nutrition Impact Lab, and impactful leader in the field.


Dr. Chong Li Choo, an eminent academic and luminary in food technology and innovation, holds a Ph.D. in Food Processing & Preservation. Currently, as Associate Professor at Taylor's University, she steers groundbreaking research as the Director of the Food Security & Nutrition Impact Lab and serves as Programme Director for the distinguished Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Culinology program.

Dr. Chong's extensive expertise spans food product design, preparation, and experimental development. As an award-winning researcher, she has secured and adeptly managed grants exceeding RM$1 million, collaborating seamlessly with governmental ministries and industry partners on diverse projects. Her role as a Food Technology Consultant for various food companies and associations underscores her influence and impact in the industry.

Distinguished by her dedication, Dr. Chong has supervised numerous research endeavors, contributing significantly to advancements in the field. She holds memberships in esteemed international and national professional organizations, including the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), the Research Chef Association (RCA) in the United States, and the Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT).

Dr. Chong's research interests and expertise lie in Food Product Innovation & Development, Product Formulation and Ingredient Technology, Food and Agricultural Science & Processing, Sensory Evaluation (Value-added/Clean Label/Functional Food Product Development), Nutritional Evaluation of Food and Functional Foods, Sustainable Food Processing via Byproduct Utilization, Bakery Products Technology, and Consumers' Behavior and Attitudes Toward Healthy Eating and Functional Foods.

Her profound contributions to the Culinology field are further underscored by numerous grants and prestigious awards, notably the American Research Chefs Association (RCA)'s President's Award in 2020, attesting to her outstanding impact and influence in culinary innovation.


Main institution
Food Security & Nutrition Impact Lab ; School of Food Studies & Gastronomy
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