DGIST’s technology invested research institute company, Time Energy Solutions Co., Ltd., wins the “CES 2023” Award for Innovation

- Time Energy Solution Co., Ltd. develops a general consumer-friendly hydrogen fuel generator (Eco-Friendly Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator) - Wins CES 2023 Award for Innovation in ‘Sustainability, Eco Design & Smart Energy’ with ‘Eco-friendly Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator’

□ DGIST (President: Kuk Yang) technology-invested research institute company, Time Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. (CEOs: Do Young-gu, Son Byung-rak), won the CES 2023 Award for Innovation in the category of 'Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy.'


□ CES 2023, the world's largest IT technology exhibition, is an event hosted by America's Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and is scheduled to be held in Las Vegas, USA in January of next year. Before the opening of CES 2023, the 'Innovation Award' recipients, awarded to products and new technologies displaying excellence in terms of technology, aesthetics, and innovation, were announced. Time Energy Solutions Co., Ltd.'s 'Eco-friendly Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator (TES-200)' won the award in the 'Sustainability, Eco Design & Smart Energy' category in recognition of its outstanding technology and beautiful design.


□ 'Eco-friendly Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator (product name: TES-200)' is a product designed and developed using core technologies for general consumers to use conveniently indoors and outdoors by addressing the problem of hydrogen supply in existing hydrogen fuel cells. The product can produce hydrogen on its own. The hydrogen is directly produced in a hydrogen generator using a hydrogen compound and water. The hydrogen produced is then stored in a hydrogen buffer, and the hydrogen stored is supplied to a hydrogen fuel cell to produce electricity.


□ Son Byong-rak, CEO of Time Energy Solutions Co., Ltd., said, "Winning the CES 2023 Innovation Award will be a great opportunity to promote Time Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. to the world," and added, "We will introduce our products to visitors and buyers at CES 2023 and contribute to overcoming the climate crisis and achieving carbon neutrality while expanding our business based on the outstanding technologies of eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell generators."


□ Meanwhile, Time Energy Solutions Co., Ltd., a DGIST technology invested research institute company, was established in June 2022 to develop and commercialize eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell generators by integrating hydrogen fuel cell technologies invested by Senior Researcher Son Byung-rak of the Division of Energy Technology, DGIST, and IT technology. In July of this year, it was registered as a company for shared growth of the Korea Gas Corporation. In October, it won the Excellence Award in the Boom Up League of the Daegu Center for Creative Economy and Innovation. In addition, it is a rapidly growing company in the field of hydrogen fuel cells and was selected for the 'Green New Deal Startup Support Project (Daegu Creative Economy Innovation Center)' and 'Innovative Strategic Industrial Technology Commercialization Support Project (Daegu R&D Special Zone).' It is expected to lead the green energy sector.

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Published: 14 Dec 2022

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