DGIST Hosts the Opening Ceremony for the Sensorium Institute Taking the First Step Toward Building a Sensor Industry Ecosystem

- Aiming to localize the development and manufacturing of sensing elements, currently sourced from overseas, to address global supply chain risks. - Expectations for local industry revitalization through the construction of an advanced sensor ecosystem.

□ DGIST (President Kunwoo Lee) hosted the opening ceremony for the Sensorium Institute at the DGIST Research Administration Building International Conference Hall on April 4th (Thursday).


□ The ceremony was attended by central and local government officials, as well as by related industry figures, including DGIST President Kunwoo Lee, Vice President for Research Kyung-Ho Shin, Director of the Korea Advanced Nano Fab Center (KANC) Kwang-Seok Seo, and Director of Future Innovation Growth at Daegu Metropolitan City Woonbaek Choi.


□ At the event, DGIST introduced the plans for the Sensorium Institute, including the inauguration and signboard-hanging ceremony, and provided a forum for discussions on industry, policy, and technology trends related to sensors.


□ Sensors are identified as a key item that drives digital transformation, with industry experts predicting that 1 trillion sensors will be produced and used annually. However, the majority of domestic sensor companies are limited to the value chain of importing chips and conducting packaging and modularization, thus relying heavily on overseas entities for the development and manufacturing of the core sensing elements.


□ To address this, the Sensorium Institute at DGIST aims to secure technological capabilities in core sensing element technology, universal design, and standard process modules. Furthermore, it sets a goal to establish the first domestic 8-inch MEMS FAB (D-FAB) dedicated to the batch manufacturing foundry for MEMS sensor elements. This initiative is intended to create an advanced sensor industry ecosystem, thereby revitalizing the local industry and offering support to mitigate global supply chain risks.


□ President Kunwoo Lee of DGIST stated, “We will systematically support the acquisition of technical capabilities and the construction of manufacturing infrastructure to successfully achieve the goals of the Sensorium Institute.” He added, “We will do our utmost to contribute to the local community and the sensor industry by establishing a sensor ecosystem, a core element of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”