DGIST Successfully Concludes 2023 Specialist Training Program in Fragrance Industry

- Modeled after a French curriculum; Local talent primed to make a global impact in fragrance industry

□ DGIST (President Kuk Young) celebrated the graduation of 23 outstanding local talents, poised for success in the global fragrance industry, during the "French Fragrance Industry Specialist Training Completion Ceremony" held on August 19.


□ As part of the "Southern District Total Beauty Manufacturing and Service Specialist Training and Youth Entrepreneurship Vitalization Program" and the "University-Centered Research Center Support Program," DGIST conducted a four-day "Fragrance Industry Specialist Training Program" from August 16 to nurture experts who can excel in the global fragrance industry.


□ The program was modeled after the globally renowned "Fragrance Industry Specialist Training Program" in France. It covered topics such as fragrance marketing, basic chemistry related to fragrant substances, and foundational neuroscience related to olfaction. To offer more specialized training, the course featured guest lectures by Professor Jeremy Tobin, the driving force behind the fragrance industry training program at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, and Dr. Jerome Golebiewski, a French fragrance industry expert, generating considerable interest among the participants.


□ During the completion ceremony on the 19th, the program attendees shared their thoughts and reflections, expressing their strong aspirations to continue their endeavors in the fragrance industry.


□ Moon Che-il, Director of the DGIST Convergence Research Advanced Centre for Olfaction, remarked, "We anticipate that young, aspiring entrepreneurs will gain hands-on experience through this training program, ranging from the basics of scent science to commercialization. We expect them to surmount technological barriers of advanced fragrance-producing countries and emerge as world-class talents. Alongside the development of this program into a top-tier curriculum, our center will actively aid in overcoming these technological barriers by regularly introducing technologies and mentoring local enterprises, thus contributing to youth employment in Daegu and strengthening the capabilities of local SMEs."


□ This program aimed to stimulate the local industry by equipping specialists in the “total beauty” industry, which fits seamlessly with the industrial landscape of Daegu. It was supported by Daegu City and the National Research Foundation of Korea.