DGIST Undergraduate Students Publish Two Papers as Lead Authors in an International Academic Journal

Two undergraduate students publish papers as lead authors in the prestigious international academic journal ChemSusChem, proposing methods to improve eco-friendly hydrogen production through photoelectrochemistry

Undergraduate students Ayeoung Choe and Wookjin Chung from the Department of Basic Science of DGIST (President Kuk Young) published papers as lead authors in the international SCI journal ChemSusChem. The two students conducted research on “environmentally friendly hydrogen production through photoelectrochemical methods” under the guidance of Professor Yang Jiwoong from the Department of Energy Engineering. Papers written by each student as lead author were published in the international academic journal.


Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production is a technology that uses solar energy, electrolytes, and photocatalysts to produce hydrogen. Unlike petroleum-derived hydrogen, which currently accounts for the major share of hydrogen production, this method is environmentally friendly and could potentially be more efficient if solar energy is utilized. However, high efficiency is yet to be achieved experimentally, and various studies are underway to improve production efficiency.


In this regard, undergraduate students Ayeoung Choe and Wookjin Chung have each published a paper proposing ways to improve eco-friendly photoelectrochemical hydrogen production. Ayeoung Choe proposed a method to augment hydrogen production by adding quantum dots and co-catalysts to an oxide semiconductor-based photoelectrode employed for hydrogen generation.. Wookjin Chung suggested a way to maximize hydrogen production by utilizing the photothermal effect, which recycles the thermal energy lost in the existing photoelectrochemical hydrogen production process.


Publication in an international academic journal signifies that the research has earned international recognition. Thus, it is highly remarkable that undergraduate students from the Department of Basic Science have presented their research outcomes in a prestigious international academic journal through papers they wrote as lead authors.


Such an achievement is possible because the research participation programs supported by the DGIST are systematically implemented by the Department of Basic Science. The DGIST offers diverse programs, such as UGRP, URP, and DGIST graduate intern programs, to enable undergraduate students to carry out research in an individual capacity. The DGIST also provides the necessary research environment and infrastructure for experiments. Ayeoung Choe and Wookjin Chung both benefited greatly by participating in a research program at the laboratory of Professor Yang Jiwoong of the Department of Energy Engineering.


ChemSusChem, which published the papers written by DGIST undergraduate students, is an international academic journal that publishes latest research in the field of sustainable energy and environment. Its Impact Factor, which represents the value of the research presented in the journal, is 9.14, indicating that the journal holds prestige. The paper written by Ayeoung Choe as the lead author and Wookjin Chung as co-author was published as the cover paper in Volume 16 Issue 3 of ChemSusChem. The paper written by Wookjin Chung as the lead author is currently published online on ChemSusChem’s website and is scheduled for formal publication in May 2023.


Published: 11 May 2023

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