Associate Prof. Dr. Durriyyah Sharifah Hasan Adli

The Neuroscience Research Group is a multi-disciplinary team investigating the nervous system. They are focusing on animal behavioral models for memory in the laboratory. They are studying the effects of food, such as Habbatus Sauda/Black cumin (Nigella sativa) and honey, on brain microstructures and memory. They also compare Islamic and neuroscience perspectives on issues like learning and sleep for children with and without autism spectrum disorders.

Lead UM Neuroscience Research Group (NeuroRG, a group of multi-disciplinary based researchers focusing on the Nervous System. The focus of each research with its approach specifically suited to its nature:

a) laboratory based researches; eg, comparative neurobiology of non-mammalian vertebrates nervous system; animal behavioral model for memory; neurohistological characterization 

b) non-laboratory based researches; eg, comparison of issues from Islamic and Neuroscience established perspectives on learning and related factors like sleep for normal and autistic children; coping strategies of Muslim parents with autistic children

One of the works being conducted by NeuroRG team is on substances/food that are encouraged by Islam; eg, Prophetic substances -- food like Habbatus Sauda and honey. 

Specifically, studies are on the effects of consumption on spatial and/or non spatial memory, neurohistology of specific brain structures and neurocytology of the neurons, and their neuroprotective effects. 

Also have collaborated researches on the effects of these substances on other physiological systems, e.g. reproductive physiology, wound healing to skin. 

Have received grants from government bodies and the University of Malaya for related researches. 

Outputs of grants include publications in journals and books, and presentations at local and international scientific meetings. 

In addition, have successfully supervised students at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels (MSc, MPhil, MBiotech, PhD).

Teaching include subjects/modules like Neurobiology, Diseases of the Central Nervous System, Histology, and Animal Use and Care Bioethics

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