Editor's Choice: Plasma jets, and a sneak peek at ARN2021

ARN's May newsletter features research about plasma jets, a newly discovered molecule, plants, proton fuel cells, and women's football. Plus the Asia Research News 2021 magazine is here!
Asia Research News: Editor's Choice

Plasma jets stabilize water to splash less

An ionized gas jet blowing onto water, also known as a plasma jet, produces a more stable interaction with the water’s surface compared to a neutral gas jet, providing new insight for a wide range of industries.

Dual protection against vascular inflammation

A newly discovered mitochondrial molecule has a surprising sidekick, and they work together to regulate inflammation and immunity.


Get to know your plants through ionomics

What nutrients are required for plant growth? Which soil minerals are often overlooked?

17 elements

Moving closer to next-gen fuel cells

A hybrid material effectively transports protons at high temperatures and humidity, two key challenges for realizing proton-based fuel cells.

One word: protons

Photo of the month

This is the oldest known photo of women's football in Japan.

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