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Changing forests, spotting drones

August 2019: A 38-year study reveals how climate change is affecting northern forests, plus researchers in Korea use a super-resolution algorithm to spot mini drones 3km away.

8,000 trees

air filter

How bleach transforms air filters

July 2019: A common skin bleach makes air filters last longer in humid and wet conditions; plus, extreme weather and symmetry.

Live brain cells

Imaging live brain cells

June 2019: A fluorescent marker enables live imaging of brain immune cells, called microglia; plus Pluto's hidden ocean.

Black hole

A supermassive undertaking

May 2019: How Asia helped take this picture; infant immune systems; holograms on your smartphone.

Heavy Elements

Radioactive afterglow & heavy elements, a new approach

April 2019: Determining the cosmic origins of precious and rare earth metals; peaking into lymph nodes; slowing nerve degradation.

Simple organisms, complex behavior video

Science on film, and women's research in Myanmar

March 2019: Watch: Simple organisms, complex behavior; graphene-based supercapacitors; research in Myanmar.

Innovations and butterflies

Innovations and butterflies

February 2019: Materials that open in the heat of the moment; testing for antibiotic resistance; the tactile internet.


The far side of the moon and beyond

January 2019: More than 100 exoplanets identified; China's lunar probe; fish ears; memorable quotes.

Cat's Paw Nebula

Radio waves from Cat's Paw Nebula ?

December 2018: Tuning into radio waves from space; mimicking the sense of human touch; sucking water from thin air.


Earlier detection of Alzheimer's and El Niño?

November 2018: A nanomaterial fluoresces when it binds to plaques linked to Alzheimer's; predicting El Niño earlier; opposing enzymes in heart failure.


Supernovas, synapses and skin speakers

October 2018: Supernova explosions reveal star mass; mimicking human synapses; turning skin into speakers.

Fish stocks

Seafood surprise, memory foam for bones, and more

September 2018: Global fisheries could become more profitable despite climate change; how neurons signal for help; breaking into that circle at conferences.


Volcanoes, earthquakes, plus batteries get salty

August 2018: Far away volcanoes influence Red Sea dynamics; what set off the 9.0 Japan earthquake?; charging with saltwater.

Growing Stem Cell

Growing stem cells and snowflakes

July 2018: New device encourage neural stem cell growth; plus interview prep tips and growing snowflakes.

Synthetic molecules

Finding Nemo's genes, growing flexible diamonds and detecting lead

June 2018: Programming synthetic molecules to turn genes on; finding Nemo's genes; growing flexible diamonds.

Brain synapse

From inside the brain to the farthest star

May 2018: New compound could improve stroke recovery; farthest star detected; how it feels when your research becomes big news.

Running treadmill

The science of running

April 2018: Reducing running injuries by 62%; #TheDress; wireless charging.

Stellar explosion

CRISPR, supernovas and super smart contacts

March 2018: Amateur astronomer captures extremely rare event; detecting blood sugar in the blink of an eye.

Olympic Rings

Olympic translations, redefining the kilogram and more

February 2018: Auto translation technology at the 2018 Olympics; redefining the kilogram; gravitational wave detector.

Cancer Test

A urine test for cancer

January 2018: You've heard of 'pee on a stick' for pregnancy tests. How about cancer?; moth buzzes back to life after 130 years


Biodiversity, billiards and licorice

December 2017: New orangutan species discovered; licorice and Parkinson's; China's air quality.

Galaxy Halo

Galactic halos, quantum sieves and other stories from Asia Research News

November 2017: Origins of galaxies' halos; pink-headed ducks; isotope separation system.