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Paper-based batteries, soccer theory ⚽️, kirigami hydrogels & space weathering🌌

May 2024: Paper-based battery for wearable devices, To pass or not to pass? Kirigami hydrogels rise from cellulose, Climate impact on mountains, Effects of space weathering. Plus don't miss Dr Helen Jamison at SciCom Coffee.

Zika vaccine for brain cancer, edible robots, Arctic nightlife & more!🦞🍽️

April 2024: Zika virus vaccine targets brain cancer, 120-year quest to farm lobsters, Arctic nightlife bursts with sound, Eating a robot, Molecular orientation is key & New treatment for ALS and dementia

Ancient Mars, gargling benefits, molecule glasses & Asia Research News 2024

March 2024: Ancient Mars biomolecules, Gargling away bad bacteria, Molecule glasses magnify life-chemical observations, Cholesterol and cancer link, Quantum electronics leap, Plus updated Experts for Media: Women list

Rare seabird footage🐦 , crystal language, converting heat to electricity

February 2024: AI records rare bird footage, Lighting up IoT and smart cities, Crystal language designs new materials, Detecting toxins with mobile phones, and Dragonfly wings for better aerodynamics.

Dog stem cells, electronic tongue, chemistry treasure from plastic, 20th anniversary & more!🥳

January 2024: Unleashing stem cells from dog urine, Electronic Tongue, Tapping into human motion energy, How neurons network, and A radical use for plastic bags. Plus Communicating science two decades on.

Mysterious powerful particle, gecko-inspired robot, SciComm resources & more!✨

December 2023: "Amaterasu" particle: a new cosmic mystery, Geckos inspire robotic device, Targeting cancer while protecting healthy cells, Honey, I shrunk the bear & Two species lost to science spotted again.

Shrimps in hot springs🦐, new dengue antiviral, tiny superfood🥦, greener circuits & more!

November 2023: New shrimp species in ancient hot spring, Super sprouts, How "warm-ups" work, New antiviral candidate &Solving voltage decay. Plus from our blog: A sustainable future shines.

Hunting for black holes, best way to nap, pineapple prosthesis & more!🍍

October 2023: Hunting for supermassive black holes, Coastal survival at risk, Calcium and dead cell clean-up, Two naps are better than one & Pineapple leaf prosthetics.

Carbon capture, artificial mussels🐚, electric joyrides⚡️, research monitoring & more!

September 2023: Capturing carbon dioxide, Shells go nuclear, Worms surf electric fields, Brain repair & Creating matter from light. Plus from our blog: Monitoring research for further impact.

🍂Japanese fossil forest, AI for the heart, language diversity & more

August 2023: Japanese fossil forest found, AI finds a way to people’s hearts, Language diversity and child social development & Supplement for kidney disease. Plus Submissions open for Asia Research News 2024.

Dancing molecules, earliest human journeys to Asia & more! 💃🏽

July 2023: Illuminating the molecular ballet in living cells, Charting the voyage of marine plastics, A glimpse into the origins of life & Earliest human journeys to Asia. Plus Submissions open for Asia Research News 2024.

Key protein for sperm, physics behind gel formation & frog race 🐸

June 2023: A key protein for sperm maturation identified, Understanding gel formation, Urine test predicts organ diseases, A laser drills holes in a graphene film. Plus in our blog - The 🐸frogs of Borneo: more than just a race.

Chatty mushrooms, projecting flood-hazards & Myanmar initiative

May 2023: Mushrooms 🍄get chattier after rainfall 🌧️, Two-organ chip answers fatty liver questions, History maps 🗺️vs future simulations, Restoring vision in blindness. Plus in our blog: Myanmar - Through eyes of leadership.

Multiple first stars, fighting autoimmune diseases, science writer's career & more!

April 2023: AI finds the first stars ✨were not alone, Auto-switch for large electronic devices, A metabolite against autoimmune diseases, & Converting fruit waste 🍊🍉into solar stills. Plus in our blog: A career worth doing, a life worth living.

Restoring kidney function, fish identify their face in photos & ARN2023

March 2023: Scientists restore impaired kidney for the first time, How fibre composite fails when wet, Cleaner fish recognize themselves in pictures 🖼️🐟& The source of black carbon in the sea. Read all in the latest Editor's Choice. Plus our magazine Asia Research News 2023 is out now 🎉!

Predicting rainfall patterns from tree rings, squid hydrogels & experts for journalists

February 2023: Tree rings forecast extreme weather in central Asia, Squid 🦑and chemistry make versatile hydrogels, James Webb telescope reveals the earliest galaxies & Reducing negative effects of screen time. Plus Experts for Media: Antimicrobial Resistance 🦠.

Overeating mechanism, hidden energy unveiled & Takeda's dengue vaccine in EU

January 2023: Why "eating just one chip"🍟 is impossible, Measuring hidden energy of gamma-ray bursts, Marine species that can adapt to ocean acidification & A rough start can lead to a strong bond. Plus our interview: New EU approval accelerates quest for global protection💉

How bats tolerate viruses, water splits from water & more!

December 2022: Understanding how bats🦇tolerate viral infections, Material separates water from...water, The virtual sense of touch polished to next level. Plus COVID-19 negatively impacted early-careers and female researchers.

Virtual romance gets real, rare elements formed in star mergers

November 2022: Exploring virtual human-agent relationships, A fly protein gives clue for human cancers, Rare earth elements formed in neutron star mergers 💥, One-stop process for hydrogen production. Plus upcoming K4DM exhibition "Through Eyes of Leadership: Women of Shan State"

How a virus induces heart inflammation, Dark matter filled galaxy & more!

October 2022: Small neighboring galaxy filled with dark matter detected with gamma rays, How a virus induces heart inflammation, Shedding light on the happy hormone & Microfossils may hold key evolution clues. Plus upcoming event KNOWLEDGE MARKETPLACE – Bangkok 2022: Exchanging of ideas for a Democratic Myanmar.

Hidden genome revealed, plus crystal engineering

September 2022: Linked lanthanides shine light on crystal engineering, New technique reveals hidden genome, Red, white and blue alerts for dangerous bacteria & Windows gain competitive edge over global warming. ARN 2022 magazine pick - Floating sensors to gather ocean data.

The Story Behind The New Dengue Vaccine & Hibernating Superpower

August 2022: Researchers have made perovskite solar cells more efficient and stable, A new cause of Parkinson's related cell death, Hibernating superpower is in the blood, Common mechanism for cancer and atherosclerosis, COVID-19 antibody skin-based test. ARN 2022 pick - The evolutionary history of puddle frogs.

Time machine, custom suits for worms & virtual training relieves stress

July 2022: Researchers create 'time machine' to study ancestor galaxies, Robotics engineers pay attention to matters of the heart, Custom suits for delivery worms, Tough, light structures with superior impact resistance and Virtual training can reduce stress and anxiety. Also this month's Image & ARN 2022 pick - Better memristors for brain-like computing.

Dinos, Cell-Sorting Trampolines & Compression Sock Debate

June 2022: New dinosaur species used claws to graze along the coast, More accurate rainfall predictions, Magnetism helps futuristic cell research, Do compression garments facilitate muscle recovery? Science journalism and why it matters for democracy & this month's ARN 2022 pick - Lessons from the dead.

Molecular deliveries, muonic x-rays & vaccine hesitancy

May 2022: Molecular robots work cooperatively in swarms, LED lights made from rice husk, Muonic x-rays safely see inside samples, Making a luminescent material shine brighter and How to counter vaccine hesitancy & ARN22 pick - Absorbing impact: Inside the Head of a Woodpecker.

Bacteria Hitchhikers, Ancient Air, And New Muscle Model

April 2022: Bacteria hitchhike on red blood cells, New model simulates effects of exercise on muscles, Argon found in air of ancient atmosphere, Revealing emergent elastic fields of chiral crystals & our ARN 2022 pick

ARN2022 is here! And how microgravity worms help astronauts

March 2022: Microgravity worms help solve astronaut muscle problems, CO2 recycling and drug development, Remote control of robot hand, Enabling the study of diverse Hepatitis B & see our latest magazine.

Dinosaur success secret, & how it all began

February 2022: Low volcanic temperature ushered in global cooling and thriving dinosaurs, Broccoli compound induces cell death in yeast, A single molecule makes big splash in quantum mechanics, Dengue virus makes mosquitos bite more often & hear from our Founder

To the edge of the galaxy + Nanodiamonds

January 2022: Unveiling substructures at the edge of the Galaxy, Nanodiamonds key to efficient hydrogen purification, How SARS-CoV-2 evades our immune system, A Zika hijacking with devastating impacts & Finding the right story for your audience

120-year-old reaction reimagined + omicron

December 2021: Micro-plastics cross blood brain barrier, Stomach cancer atlas, Omicron variant isolated, 120-year-old reaction turned on its head and a podcast: Decentralization and Democracy in Myanmar.

Mysterious new Yezo virus + more

November 2021: Quick seawater test may reveal health of corals, Infectious disease caused by a new nairovirus, Converting CO2 into useful compounds and Automated COVID-19 diagnosis from chest CT scans.

Growing mini-brains, improving weather forecasts + more

October 2021: Miniature brains mimic critical features of Parkinson's disease, better weather forecasting with satellite data, light does the twist for quantum computing, new insights into embryonic development & submissions for Asia Research News 2022!

Primordial time capsules & current vaccines

September 2021: Magnetic patterns in meteorites, Treating mitochondrial diseases, underwater sensors and a broad COVID-19 vaccine. Get in Asia Research News 2022!

Interstellar broadband, and a big media splash

August 2021: cancer-killing nanoparticles, a powerful radio receiver tunes into space, and what it's like to be in the media spotlight.

Reversing Alzheimer's & exploring early Earth

July 2021: Promising treatment to reverse dementia, a newly identified climate pattern, exploring early Earth ecosystems...

Kids and robots: hands-off and hands-on

June 2021: Hands-off discipline approach for kids, while robot hands get a better design. Plus nucleosomes and marine biodiversity.

Plasma jets, and a sneak peek at ARN2021

May 2021: Plasma jets, a newly discovered molecule, plants, fuel cells, and women's football.

How long does immunity last?

April 2021: COVID-19 antibodies, cancer-fighting hydrogels, how the brain organizes information, and the 'poor man's q-bit'.

IWD Success! Plus Muons, Birds, Neurons & Floods

March 2021: International Women's Day, the first images of muon beams, research about neural stem cells, flood prediction and how light and noise affect birds.

plastic bags

Good news for plastics + Happy #WomenInScience Day!

February 2021: A new way to catalyze plastic recycling, the pandemic's mental health toll, antiperovskites and oolong tea. Inspiring stories from our Giants in History series.

How cells stick together

January 2021: Researchers see how a protein tells cells to stick together during development; plus better tech for AI, detecting herbicides in drinking water.

How does a spray turn objects into tiny robots?

December 2020: A magnetic spray makes objects walk, crawl and roll; plus the universe's temperature and COVID-19 insights.

Hiding in plain sight

November 2020: Ancient Buddhist paintings were hidden on soot-covered temple columns. Researchers uncovered them using infrared cameras. That's not all that's hiding...

Stem cell and asteroid surprise

October 2020: Genes regulating stem cells in 48 mammals are surprisingly similar; ancient asteroid rewrites history; plus a saliva test for silent COVID carriers.


Secret to longer life in nematodes?

September 2020: Tinkering with proteins in C. elegans extends their lifespans. The same proteins exist in humans, offering an intriguing target for longevity studies.

New insight into origin of water on Earth

August 2020: Interstellar nebula could be the source of Earth's water; plus, mangrove methane emissions, and ARN is @ the movies.

Hibernation in mice. Are humans next?

July 2020: Researchers spark a hibernation-like state in mice, a species that does not normally hibernate; plus, we're podcasting!

Swiss army knife

Meet the 'Swiss army knife' of gene expression

June 2020: What happens when the master regulator of protein production malfunctions? Plus, the cat genome decoded!


The lipid gradient that keeps your eyes wet

May 2020: New insight about how lipids function within tears; plus, quantum dot solar panels and an ozone garden.

genes concept

Science stories you might have missed...

April 2020: Finnish genes tell a unique story about diabetic kidney disease; and a new treatment approach for kids with ADHD.


Good news for mangrove conservation, for now

March 2020: The loss of mangrove forests is slowing; plus, how malaria hides from immune cells and how neutrinos saved the universe.

vertebrae art

The perfect tempo for cells, plus coral spawning mystery solved?

February 2020: Precise timing of vertebrae development observed in live cells; and what triggers coral spawning events.

underwater volcano

Young Volcano Discovered, Plus The 2020 Issue Is Here!

January 2020: A young volcano is discovered in the Pacific Ocean, and punching holes in solar cells turns them transparent.

Genetics of birdsong

December 2019: Researchers uncover gene expression differences that lead to distinct songs between bird species. Plus, could planets be orbiting black holes?

Jellyfish superpowers

November 2019: How do jellyfish get their stinging and regenerative superpowers? Plus, investigating a master switch for sugar levels, and the collapse of an ancient civilization.

Xray radiation illustration

Release the killer electrons!

October 2019: Moving towards safer and more effective cancer radiation; and hints to the origins of life.


Fireworms, heatwaves and a contest

September 2019: A new fireworm species is discovered in Hong Kong; plus researchers identify the driver of Europe's heatwaves.

Changing forests, spotting drones

August 2019: A 38-year study reveals how climate change is affecting northern forests, and a super-resolution algorithm spots mini drones 3km away.

air filter

How bleach transforms air filters

July 2019: A common skin bleach makes air filters last longer in humid and wet conditions; plus, extreme weather and symmetry.

Live brain cells

Imaging live brain cells

June 2019: A fluorescent marker enables live imaging of brain immune cells, called microglia; plus Pluto's hidden ocean.

Black hole

A supermassive undertaking

May 2019: How Asia helped take this picture; infant immune systems; holograms on your smartphone.

The far side of the moon and beyond

January 2019: More than 100 exoplanets identified; China's lunar probe; fish ears; memorable quotes.

Radio waves from Cat's Paw Nebula ?

December 2018: Tuning into radio waves from space; mimicking the sense of human touch; sucking water from thin air.

Earlier detection of Alzheimer's and El Niño?

November 2018: A nanomaterial fluoresces when it binds to plaques linked to Alzheimer's; predicting El Niño earlier; opposing enzymes in heart failure.

Heavy Elements

Radioactive afterglow & heavy elements, a new approach

April 2019: Determining the cosmic origins of precious and rare earth metals; peaking into lymph nodes; slowing nerve degradation.

Simple organisms, complex behavior video

Science on film, and women's research in Myanmar

March 2019: Watch: Simple organisms, complex behavior; graphene-based supercapacitors; research in Myanmar.

Innovations and butterflies

Innovations and butterflies

February 2019: Materials that open in the heat of the moment; testing for antibiotic resistance; the tactile internet.

Supernovas, synapses and skin speakers

October 2018: Supernova explosions reveal star mass; mimicking human synapses; turning skin into speakers.

Seafood surprise, memory foam for bones, and more

September 2018: Global fisheries could become more profitable despite climate change; how neurons signal for help; breaking into that circle at conferences.

Volcanoes, earthquakes, plus batteries get salty

August 2018: Far away volcanoes influence Red Sea dynamics; what set off the 9.0 Japan earthquake?; charging with saltwater.

Growing Stem Cell

Growing stem cells and snowflakes

July 2018: New device encourage neural stem cell growth; plus interview prep tips and growing snowflakes.

Synthetic molecules

Finding Nemo's genes, growing flexible diamonds and detecting lead

June 2018: Programming synthetic molecules to turn genes on; finding Nemo's genes; growing flexible diamonds.

Brain synapse

From inside the brain to the farthest star

May 2018: New compound could improve stroke recovery; farthest star detected; how it feels when your research becomes big news.

Running treadmill

The science of running

April 2018: Reducing running injuries by 62%; #TheDress; wireless charging.

Stellar explosion

CRISPR, supernovas and super smart contacts

March 2018: Amateur astronomer captures extremely rare event; detecting blood sugar in the blink of an eye.

Olympic Rings

Olympic translations, redefining the kilogram and more

February 2018: Auto translation technology at the 2018 Olympics; redefining the kilogram; gravitational wave detector.

Cancer Test

A urine test for cancer

January 2018: You've heard of 'pee on a stick' for pregnancy tests. How about cancer?; moth buzzes back to life after 130 years


Biodiversity, billiards and licorice

December 2017: New orangutan species discovered; licorice and Parkinson's; China's air quality.

Galaxy Halo

Galactic halos, quantum sieves and other stories from Asia Research News

November 2017: Origins of galaxies' halos; pink-headed ducks; isotope separation system.