Editor's Choice: Key protein for sperm, physics behind gel formation & frog race 🐸

A key protein for sperm maturation identified, Understanding gel formation, Urine test predicts organ diseases, A laser drills holes in a graphene film. Plus in our blog - The frogs of Borneo: more than just a race. Read all in the latest Editor's Choice.

A key protein for sperm maturation identified

Researchers found a new protein that plays a crucial role in the maturation of sperms. Mice lacking it were sterile but their fertility restored once it was re-activated. The dicovery may help the development of new male contraception.


Understanding gel formation

Using a new microscopy method, researchers revealed the mechanism behind the formation of gel at a single particle level, with potential applications in food and medicine. 

Sticky particles

Urine test predicts organ diseases

An urine test to detect human cytomegalovirus (HMCV), that can cause lung and heart diseases, has proven more accurate than blood tests in HIV-1 patients.
A laser drills holes in a graphene film

A simple laser technique initially developed for nanofabrication of silicon nitride thin devices can also be used to drill a hole in an ultra-thin graphene film without damaging it.  

Nano-scale precision

For over a decade, the International Bornean Frog Race has brought scientists, artists and the public into the forest. Asia Research News spoke to Professor Indraneil Das to learn how this race against time communicates science and increases awareness about amphibians and their habitats.

Frog calls 

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