Editor's Choice: Restoring kidney function, fish identify their face in photos & Asia Research News 2023 magazine!

Scientists restore impaired kidney for the first time, How fibre composite fails when wet, Cleaner fish recognize themselves in pictures 🖼️🐟& The source of black carbon in the sea. Read all in the latest Editor's Choice. Plus our magazine Asia Research News 2023 is out now 🎉!

Scientists restore impaired kidney for the first time

In a preclinical study, researchers found that blocking an immune-regulating protein reverses the damage caused by acute and chronic kidney disease.

Regenerative therapy

How fibre composite fails when wet

A new model predicts how the mechanical behaviour of carbon-fibre-reinforced composites used in aircrafts could delaminate as moisture seeps into it. 

Fail-safe strategy

Cleaner fish recognize themselves in pictures

Labroides dimidiatus, commonly known as a cleaner fish, can recognise themselves by their own face, not the body, in a picture. 

"It's me!" 

The source of black carbon in the sea 

Researchers have revealed that hydrothermal vents are a previously unknown source of dissolved black carbon in the deep ocean.

In this issue, we bring you innovations changing lives, micro-robots and magnets guiding heart surgeries, and a virtual-reality mouse trotting on your palm. Read about an initiative supporting Myanmar research, how to communicate about life beyond Earth, and more!  

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