Editor's Choice: Hidden genome revealed, plus crystal engineering

Linked lanthanides shine light on crystal engineering, New technique reveals hidden genome, Red, white and blue alerts for dangerous bacteria & Windows gain competitive edge over global warming. Read all in the September's Editor's Choice plus this month's Asia Research News 2022 magazine pick - Floating sensors to gather ocean data.

Linked lanthanides shine light on crystal engineering

Rare earth metals, when linked, can act as a conduit for energy flow, and show promise for the development of novel materials.

Future semiconductors?

New technique reveals hidden genome

Thousands of short RNA sequences that code for microproteins and peptides have been identified, opening new avenues for disease research and drug development.

8,000 smORFs

Red, white and blue alerts for dangerous bacteria

Researchers developed a simple, rapid method for identifying different bacteria that cause food poisoning.

Windows gain competitive edge over global warming

New coating materials could make windows better insulators.


Floating sensors to gather ocean data

Device designers at the University of Tokyo are developing cheap and accessible ways to monitor and explore the sea.

The OMNI approach

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