Editor's Choice: Virtual romance gets real & rare elements formed in star mergers

Exploring virtual human-agent relationships, A fly protein gives clue for human cancers, Rare earth elements formed in neutron star mergers 💥, One-stop process for hydrogen production. Read all in the November's Editor's Choice plus Upcoming event K4DM KNOWLEDGE MARKETPLACE – Bangkok 2022: Exchanging Ideas for a Democratic Myanmar.

Exploring virtual
human-agent relationships

An international team of researchers has identified a unique way that people find connection with virtual agents in a romantic context. The findings provide a novel insight into the fields of anthropomorphism, virtual interactions and relationship science.

Yours truly?

A fly protein gives clue for human cancers


New insights into the role of a protein in the nerve cells of flies could help unravel the role of a related human protein in common cancers.

Evolutionarily related

Rare earth elements formed in neutron star mergers

A study identified the specific rare earth elements produced in a neutron star merger for the first time.

Lanthanum and cerium

One-stop process for hydrogen production

A new hydrogen production method bypasses the need for expensive purification steps. 
Coming up

Through Eyes of Leadership: Women of Shan State photo exhibition is part of KNOWLEDGE MARKETPLACE – Bangkok 2022: Exchanging Ideas for a Democratic Myanmar, co-organised by IDRC's Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar (K4DM) and Asia Research News.

Events include a roundtable discussion on “Thought leadership to advance knowledge for Myanmar: What should come next?”. Meet the photographer, book launch discussions and much more. Click for details and registration

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