Editor's Choice: Mysterious new Yezo virus + more

Quick seawater test may reveal health of corals, Infectious disease caused by a new nairovirus, Converting CO2 into useful compounds and Automated COVID-19 diagnosis from chest scans all in the November Editor's Choice. Plus our latest podcast: Gender and Conflict in Myanmar.

Quick test for potential probiotic in seawater may reveal health of corals

A multi-institute research team developed a method to quickly and non-invasively test for bacteria species known to benefit coral.
Emerging infectious disease caused by a new nairovirus

A previously unknown virus that can infect humans and cause disease has been identified by scientists in Japan.

Yezo virus

Simple method for converting CO2 into useful compounds

Researchers find an energy-efficient way to convert the chief greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) into useful chemicals.

MOFs for the win

Automated COVID-19 diagnosis from chest CT

Scientists develop a new algorithm for rapid, computerized diagnosis of COVID-19.

Faster than PCR

Asia Research News Podcast

Gender and Conflict in Myanmar

This podcast looks at the challenges faced by women and men in Myanmar, a country with the world's longest running ethnic conflicts and a military coup in 2021. 

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