Editor's Choice: Growing mini-brains, improving weather forecasts + more

Miniature brains mimic critical features of Parkinson's disease, better weather forecasting with satellite data, light does the twist for quantum computing, new insights into embryonic development & elevating women leaders in Myanmar in the October Editor's Choice. Plus don't forget submissions for Asia Research News 2022!

Miniature brains mimic critical features of Parkinson's disease

Recreating major pathological features of Parkinson’s disease in a lab-grown, human mini-brain will help researchers to explore new treatments.
Better weather forecasting with satellite data

Adding satellite observations of water vapor isotopes into a weather forecasting model improves forecast accuracy.

Thank you IASI

Light does the twist for quantum computing

Twisting light that switches direction at room temperature could be the future of quantum information processing.

How it works

New insights into embryonic development

Scientists used whole-genome sequencing to track development from a single fertilized egg to a human body.

Starting backwards

Elevating women leaders in Myanmar

Many hurdles remain to achieve gender equality in Myanmar politics and society at large. Research supported by Canada’s Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar Initiative identified opportunities to close the gap.

Meet some inspiring women

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Published: 13 Oct 2021


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