Editor's Choice: How long does immunity last?

ARN's April Newsletter features research on COVID-19 antibodies, cancer-fighting hydrogels, how the brain organizes information, the 'poor man's q-bit' and the photo of the month!
Asia Research News: Editor's Choice

From days to decades: How long does SARS-CoV-2 immunity last?

Research shows that antibody longevity varies widely from 40 days to as long as several decades and not everyone who has recovered from COVID-19 is immune from reinfection. Individuals with low levels of neutralising antibodies may still be protected if they have robust T-cell immunity.

Hydrogel reverts cancer cells back to cancer stem cells

The gel reverted six different types of cancer cells back to their stem cell state within 24 hours, opening the door to new potential therapies.

Targeting the roots

Where am I going?

How does the brain rapidly sort lots of incoming information, such as when driving a car? Researchers have mapped the precise sorting process. 

Ask your subiculum

The world's fastest spintronics p-bit

Researchers have developed the technology for nanosecond operation of the spintronics-based probabilistic bit (p-bit).

The 'poor man's q-bit'

Photo of the month

Oh hey there...


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