Editor's Choice: How bats tolerate viruses, water splits from water & more!

Understanding how bats tolerate viral infections, Material separates water from...water, The virtual sense of touch polished to next level and COVID-19 negatively impacted early-careers and female researchers. Read all in the December's Editor's Choice.

Understanding how bats tolerate viral infections

 Scientists have sequenced the response to viral infection in cave nectar bats at the cellular level. The findings provide insights into bat immunity that could be harnessed to protect human health.

Infected but unaffected

Material separates water from...water

A flipping action in a porous material separates normal water from heavy water, with applications in nuclear reactors, medical imaging and biological investigations. 

At room temperature

The virtual sense of touch polished to next level 

The new device can display various sensations such as pressure, vibration and texture roughness which could be useful not only in gaming but also for professions that require glove-wearing like astronauts. 

Stroke a virtual cat

COVID-19 negatively impacted early-careers and female researchers 

While the number of astronomy research papers increased during the pandemic, the number of new or junior researchers entering the field has dropped. The productivity of female astronomers was also severely affected.

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