Editor's Choice: Multiple first stars, fighting autoimmune diseases, science writer's career & more!

AI finds the first stars ✨were not alone, Auto-switch for large electronic devices, A metabolite against autoimmune diseases, & Converting fruit waste 🍊🍉into solar stills. Plus in our blog: A career worth doing, a life worth living. Read all in the latest Editor's Choice.

AI finds the first stars were not alone

Analysis by machine learning has revealed the second-generation stars in the Milky Way galaxy were enriched by multiple previous supernovae.

Metal-poor stars 

Auto-switch for large electronic devices

Researchers have developed a gate-driver integrated circuit that has real-time automatic control functions on a single chip. 

Flip the switch

A metabolite against autoimmune diseases 

Anti-inflammatory metabolite called itaconate has a modulating effects on T-cells and may help develop new treatment for autoimmune diseases.
Converting fruit waste into solar stills

A new method turns coconut husk and orange peel into a solar absorber MXene used in a solar-powered water-distilling device. 

Efficient and sustainable

"What does it mean to be a science journalist?" 
Nadia El-Awady is the editor and senior science writer at Asia Research News. Read her journey in science journalism and her passion for it! 

"Give it a go" 

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