Editor's Choice: Kids and robots: hands-off and hands-on

ARN's June newsletter features research on a hands-off approach to discipline, better robot hand design, nucleosomes and marine biodiversity, plus the latest Beyond the Journal and a feature from the ARN magazine.
Asia Research News: Editor's Choice

Hands-off discipline approach works in Japan

A look at Japan’s mimamoru approach suggests that adults’ non-intervention in kids’ fights allows children to nurture social and interpersonal skills on their own. Is it worth a try in other countries?
Hi-CO unravels complex packing of nucleosomes

A new technology can analyze the 3D positions and orientations of nucleosomes in much higher resolution than before.

Spool to the left?

A helping hand for working robots

A reimagined robot hand combines strength with resilience, sidestepping the problems that accompany existing designs.


Trawl ban increases marine biodiversity

Substantial increases in species abundance and richness were confirmed through surveys taken before and after a trawl ban in Hong Kong waters.

Rapid recovery

Beyond the Journal
The science of communication

The many elements of storytelling

Visuals, visuals, visuals. Video and audio, too... our tips for best practices and how to get creative presenting the research.

To the blog!

Our community on the front lines of research

The global scientific community came together in an unprecedented way to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are selected research findings shared by the ARN community.

Read the feature

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