Editor's Choice: ARN2022 is here! And how microgravity worms help astronauts

Microgravity worms help solve astronaut muscle problems, CO2 recycling and drug development, Remote control of robot hand, Enabling the study of diverse Hepatitis B. Read all in the March's Editor's Choice and even more in the Asia Research News 2022 magazine.

Asia Research News 2022 is here!

This year's magazine brings you an incredible range of fascinating research stories. 
Microgravity worms help solve astronaut muscle problems

Studies in nematode worms reveal physical contact can help prevent neuromuscular decline in simulated microgravity.

Insights for humans in space

CO2 recycling and drug development

Using electricity, a new method offers the possibility of recycling CO2 while also performing a notoriously difficult reaction, producing compounds potentially useful for drug development.

2 problems, 1 reaction

Remote control of robot hand

The system allows a human to perform complex tasks from a distance, such as taking a COVID-19 swab or performing a surgery, by operating a robotic hand through VR and electronic skin sensors.

Wireless control

Enabling the study of diverse Hepatitis B

Most of the research of Hep B virus has been of one genotype. Researchers can now generate stable cell lines that express diverse genotypes.

Variation matters

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