Editor's Choice: Hunting for black holes, best way to nap, pineapple prosthesis & more!🍍

Hunting for supermassive black holes, Coastal survival at risk, Calcium and dead cell clean-up, Two naps are better than one & Pineapple leaf prosthetics. Read all in the latest Editor's Choice.

Hunting for supermassive black holes

Scientists discovered over 160 supermassive black holes, including 22 quasars from the very distant early universe.

Into space-time

Coastal survival at risk

Mangroves, marshes and corals may not be able to adapt if global warming levels rise above Paris Agreement targets.

A degree of difference

Calcium and dead cell clean-up

Extracellular calcium plays a role in activating a protein that signals the death of a cell and triggers immune cells to clean up the debris.   

Death wave

Two naps are better than one

What's the best way to counteract drowsiness and fatigue during all-nighters? Two nap sessions.

Pineapple leaf prosthetics

A new sustainable, cost-effective lower limb prosthetic socket uses natural fiber-reinforced composites from pineapple leaf fiber.   

Walk with me

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