Editor's Choice: Paper-based batteries, soccer theory ⚽️, kirigami hydrogels & space weathering🌌

Paper-based battery for wearable devices, To pass or not to pass? Kirigami hydrogels rise from cellulose, Climate impact on mountains, Effects of space weathering. Read all in the latest Editor's Choice.

Paper-based battery for wearable devices

Inspired by photosynthesis, scientists created a paper-based battery that is activated by water and can be used in GPS and pulse oximeter sensors.


To pass or not to pass?

More skilled soccer players show significantly shorter reaction times and a stronger brain ability to control actions when deciding not to pass the ball. 

Kirigami hydrogels rise from cellulose

A new technique allows the creation of "kirigami" hydrogels, in which patterns are cut into a thin film that can later swell into complex structures for robotics and medical applications.

Laser designs

Climate impact on mountains

A new study used climate velocities, or the rate at which climate conditions change, to identify mountain regions from the Mediterranean to Japan at significant risk of biodiversity loss due to climate change. 

Effects of space weathering

Samples from the asteroid Ryugu reveal insights into the interplanetary space environment and potential degradation that spacecraft could experience.


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