Editor's Choice: Chatty mushrooms, projecting flood-hazards & Myanmar initiative

Mushrooms 🍄get chattier after rainfall 🌧️, Two-organ chip answers fatty liver questions, History maps 🗺️vs future simulations, Restoring vision in blindness. Plus in our blog: Myanmar: Through eyes of leadership. Read all in the latest Editor's Choice.

Mushrooms get chattier
after rainfall

Some types of fungi use electrical signals to communicate with each other. Now, researchers found that such signals from Laccaria bicolor mushrooms increased after rainfall.


Two-organ chip answers fatty liver questions

An integrated-gut-liver-on-a-chip helps scientists understand how the two organs interact inside and between them in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 

Unravelling complexity

History maps vs future simulations

The new method estimates 200 million more people will be affected by flooding compared to the conventional method.
Restoring vision in blindness

Researchers report a significant vision recovery by producing light-detecting cells in the eye and then transplanting them into damaged retinas of experimental models. 

Stem-cell approach

The Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar (K4DM) Initiative aims to provide higher education and research opportunities for people from Myanmar. Asia Research News has been involved in the knowledge transfer communications for the initiative and helped to organize the launch of its second phase.

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