Editor's Choice: IWD Success! Plus Muons, Birds, Neurons & Floods

ARN's March Newsletter features women experts in honor of International Women's Day, plus the first images of muon beams, research about neural stem cells, flood prediction and how light and noise affect birds.
Asia Research News: Editor's Choice

Focus On: Women

In honor of International Women's Day, we asked you, our community, to help us highlight women in research who can share their expertise with journalists. We were delighted to see so many women participate. Our Focus On: Women resource features more than 50 experts from 15+ countries willing to speak with international media about their research and women in STEM.

The first images of muon beams

A new technique captured images of the high-energy particles, which will enable researchers to assess beam quality for other applications.

An optical boom

Noise and light pollution alter bird mating behaviour

A large study shows how human-made noise and light affect breeding success among 142 bird species, including the Pacific-slope flycatcher (pictured).

Not just climate change

Wake up call for neural stem cells

A brain enzyme activates dormant neural stem cells, revealing how defects in its gene could lead to neurodevelopmental disorders. 


Rapidly predicting tsunami flooding

A new AI model can accurately predict tsunami flooding in coastal areas within seconds, helping guide evacuation orders.

Before it hits


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