Editor's Choice: Zika vaccine for brain cancer, edible robots, Arctic nightlife & more!🦞🍽️

Zika virus vaccine targets brain cancer, 120-year quest to farm lobsters, Arctic nightlife bursts with sound, Eating a robot, Molecular orientation is key & New treatment for ALS and dementia. Read all in the latest Editor's Choice.

Zika virus vaccine
targets brain cancer

Scientists discovered that Zika virus strains can destroy brain cancer cells and inhibit tumour growth, while sparing healthy cells.

Cancer killer

120-year quest to farm lobsters

A marine biologist is inching closer to conquering the challenge of farming lobsters by tapping into their weird behaviour, from nibbling on jellyfish to surviving toxic ammonia levels. 

Arctic nightlife bursts with sound

Colonies of little auks, or dovekies, make more bird sounds at “night” under the endless daylight of the Arctic summer.

Listen in

Eating a robot

Researchers created a mobile edible robot to study participants' reaction to eating it. 

Molecular orientation is key

Using a novel method, researchers found that the arrangement of molecules on a substrate will also affect the performance and properties of organic electronics.

Exciting electrons

New treatment for ALS and dementia

Scientists discovered a possible genetic mutation that causes ALS and frontotemporal dementia as well as a compound that reduces the degradation of neurons in patients. 

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