Editor's Choice: Primordial time capsules & current vaccines

Magnetic patterns in meteorites, Treating mitochondrial diseases, underwater sensors and a broad COVID-19 vaccine in the September Editor's Choice. Plus, what's it like to communicate vaccine research in a pandemic and Asia Research News 2022.
Primordial time capsules & current vaccines

Magnetic patterns hidden in meteorites reveal early Solar System dynamics

Researchers are investigating the dynamics of the early Solar System by analyzing magnetites in meteorites utilizing the wave nature of electrons.

Deleting DNA to treat mitochondrial diseases

A multi-functional, small molecule can tag mutant genetic sequences inside mitochondria for removal.

Bespoke compound

Submerged sensors to control wearable electronics

Hand-drawn and flexible pressure sensors can control a phone from underwater.


Hope for a broad COVID-19 vaccine

A new finding could guide development of a "dream" vaccine that works against all known and future variants and other coronaviruses.

SARS-1 survivors are key

Beyond the Journal
The science of communication

Communicating vaccine research in a pandemic

University of Oxford and their partner AstraZeneca, developed one of the first COVID-19 vaccines.

We talk to the comms manager about the intense & ongoing scrutiny

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