Finalists in Applied Microbiology International Product of the Year Award 2023 announced

The finalists in the Applied Microbiology International Product of the Year Award 2023 have been announced. The awards promote the research, groups, projects, products and individuals who are shaping the future of applied microbiology.

The finalists in the Applied Microbiology International Product of the Year Award 2023 have been announced.

The Applied Microbiology International awards celebrate the brightest minds in the field and promote the research, groups, projects, products and individuals who are shaping the future of applied microbiology.

The winners of all categories will be announced by organisers Applied Microbiology International (AMI) at the annual EMI lecture at BMA House in London on November 16. 

The shortlist for the AMI Product of the Year award is as follows:

  • MiGut - University of Leeds

  • QuickMIC - Gradientech 

  • BAX System SalQuant - Hygiena

  • GI SereniT™ - Floré by Sun Genomics

  • Uttam Superrhiza - The Energy and Resources Institute

  • QIAseq xHYB Viral and Bacterial Panels - QIAGEN

Dr Ines Moura, research fellow, University of Leeds, said: “It is amazing to be nominated for this award. Developing MiGut has been a truly interdisciplinary collaboration between microbiology and engineering , so it is rewarding to see the technology and the efforts of all the MiGut team being recognised in this way.”

Showcasing accomplishments

Dylan Barbera, Global Product Manager of QIAGEN, commented: “QIAseq xHYB Viral and Bacterial Panels have enabled microbiologists around the world to do advanced genotyping and surveillance from even the most challenging of sample types such as wastewater. Winning this award will showcase the accomplishments of this novel technology as well as those who are using it.”

A Hygiena spokesperson said: “Our BAX® System SalQuant® application enables industries, such as the poultry industry, to reduce the risk of illness from Salmonella while working to keep food safe, available, and affordable. 

“Winning the Applied Microbiology Product of the Year would highlight Hygiena’s commitment to developing innovative One Health Diagnostic™ solutions that improve the health of people and animals in our shared environment, ultimately to help prevent illness, save lives, and contribute to making the world a safer place. The award would also demonstrate how we apply our microbiology expertise to solve real industry challenges and improve food safety processes.”

Boundless potential

Sunny Jain, CEO and Founder of Floré, commented: “Microbiome testing isn’t merely a scientific pursuit; it’s a voyage into the very fabric of our being, and it is built off the foundation of hundreds of thousands of scientific findings published in scientific journals.

“It’s time for a new tomorrow where diseases are not just treated but preempted. It’s time for laboratories and clinicians to validate these findings and bring them to the bedside of patients. Let’s champion the boundless potential of the microscopic, for in their minute world lay the secrets to our maximal well-being. 

“We are honored to have Floré Clinical recognized by The Microbiologist and the Applied Microbiology Product of the Year Award as an emerging commercial application of the microbiome to drive the change of the health of billions of people in the future.” 

One of a kind

Dr Mandira Kochar and Dr Vatsala Koul of TERI said: “Uttam Superrhiza is a one-of-a-kind mycorrhiza product which contains its native microbiome, leading to superior performance and re-establishment of natural biotic interactions in soil. It is an agri input which takes us closer to a more sustainable and equitable food system. It will reduce our reliance on chemical fertilizers, improve soil health and microbiota, while positively impacting crop yields. It is a natural way to grow more with less.

 “Winning the AMI Product of the Year Award for Uttam Superrhiza will be very special for us at TERI as Superrhiza is powered by soil microbes and the benefits of their natural associations. It will send a strong message that society values products backed by scientific research and the people who do it.

“This will surely boost public support for scientific funding for such disruptive products. The award will also be a validation of our Team’s hard work and dedication to research towards sustainable agriculture.”

Completely new level

Sara Thorslund, co-founder and CEO of Gradientech, said: “We are very honoured to have Applied Microbiology International recognise our QuickMIC® system and to be shortlisted for the Applied Microbiology Product of the Year.

“We developed the QuickMIC system based on ground-breaking technology that makes it the fastest AST system for positive blood cultures. The technology also brings susceptibility testing to a completely new level in terms of precision and accuracy.” 

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Notes to editors

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  1. AMI provides funding to encourage research and broad participation at its events and to ensure diverse voices are around the table working together to solve the sustainability development goals it has chosen to support.


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