The first Korean institution officially listed as a Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Affiliation: The Graduate School of Technology Management (GSTM), UNIST

The Graduate School of Technology Management (GSTM) at UNIST, S. Korea, is officially recognized as a PSM Affiliation. The first PSM program in Korea and Asia.


The Graduate School of Technology Management (GSTM) at UNIST, S. Korea, is officially recognized as a PSM Affiliation. The first PSM program in Korea and Asia.

The Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degrees serve the needs of scientists who want to improve their skills in business. The PSM program is designed to fill a management need for technology-based companies, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. The business training is complemented by advanced science training in pertinent fields depending on the degree science/engineering focus.

The world prestigious universities including Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Melbourne, Australia, and University of British Columbia, Canada are offering the PSM program. Previously there were only four countries providing PSM program world-wide, USA, Canada, Australia, and UK. Now you can find the PSM program in Asian region. S. Korea is the first country hosting PSM program in Asia.

The Graduate School of Technology Management (GSTM) at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has been operating PSM program since 2012 and it acquired official proof for PSM-Affiliation Institution this year. The master’s degree on Energy Commodity Trading & Financial Engineering (ECTFE) of UNIST GSTM is accredited as a official PSM program.

“UNIST ECTFE is the only accredited PSM program in Korea” said Prof. Mooyoung Jung, dean of the Graduate School of Technology Management. “It will foster the world best trader in the field of energy commodity and investment based on Ulsan, the center of the petrochemical industries in the world and the place of North-East Asia Oil Hub.”

UNIST has set up the ground work for the PSM program for the first time in Korea, with support from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (formerly the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology). The support will be continued for 5 years until the year of 2017.

The government supported UNIST ECTFE program is specialized in the field of energy commodity and financial engineering. The program will give students the knowledge and skills required to become a highly qualified trader in energy commodity fields such as international finance, financial risk management, supply chain management, derivative accounting, etc.

The school already invited six adjunct professors from industries including S-OIL, SK Energy and Hyundai Heavy Industries to provide practical knowledge based on the expert’s work-on experiences.

“The current graduate schools of financial areas in Korean are tilted to only financial commodity,” said Prof. Seo, Byoungki, director of UNIST PSM program. “UNIST ECTFE program added practical understanding on energy commodity and it cultivates the experts in energy commodity field with science knowledge through the convergence of humanity and science.”

UNIST GSTM is offering Business Analytics along with ECTFE program. Both program will be accepting applications from August 24, 2013, for 2014 admissions.

Please pay a visit to GSTM at and explore the ECTFE program at UNIST!!! You will see your bright future as an expert on energy commodity trading and financial engineering.

UNIST is one of leading science and technology university in Korea.
UNIST is striving towards its goal of being ranked a Top 10 science and engineering university globally by 2030 through its focus on creativity, the convergence of scientific fields and an outstanding educational statutes and research, UNIST has already demonstrated its competitiveness in Korea, and its international recognition also is being elevated day after day.

With a strong emphasis on research, many of UNIST’s professors and their laboratories have published in the top scientific journals, including Nature, Science, and Cell.

Published: 16 Jul 2013

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