Dr Ha Thanh Dong

Dr. Dong currently works at the Asian Institute of Technology. He does research in Aquaculture, Pathology, Infectious Diseases, and Aquatic Bioscience.

Dr. Dong has been actively conducting basic and applied research in the field of aquatic animal health since 2007. His research has centered on the discovery and characterization of aquatic pathogens, particularly infectious and emerging infectious diseases of economically important aquaculture species in Asia. His research group has investigated and developed detection methods for a number of emerging pathogens in tilapia, Asian sea bass, and whiteleg shrimp. He's also working on fish vaccine development and other disease-control strategies, such as nanobubble technology, and immunostimulants. He has authored over 75 international peer-reviewed articles related to this field. 

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Assistant Professor
Department of Food, Agriculture, and Bioresources
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