Dr. Hadiyanto

Hadiyanto is a researcher at Universitas Jambi in the area of social science, particularly in education. In 2021, He was invited as a speaker AIbotic Series, European Week, and Edutech.

Hadiyanto is an associate professor at education at the University of Jambi (UNJA), Indonesia. He has taught since 1998. He had been as a Vice Dean of Information System and Collaboration at the Faculty of Humanities from March 2016 to March 2020. He was also as the Chair of the Doctor Forum of the University. He received his degree in education English from the University of Jambi (UNJA) and M.Ed in TESL from the National University of Malaysia (UKM). His P.hd degree in Adult and Professional Development Education was awarded by the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in September 2011.

He was involved in national-wide project research from 2007 to 2011 related to adult and professional development education, teaching and learning in Higher Education, and other social science research in Malaysia. Among big research, he had involved such as; Developing Core competencies at Graduates: A study of Effective Higher Education Practices in Malaysian Universities, Distance Learning, Quality of Life for Older Person in Malaysia, customer satisfaction of KLIA services, Expatriate Adjustment in Malaysia (UiTM), SMU (Senior High Schools) Graduate Quality Mapping and ICT Based Learning Development at Education Department of Jambi Province.

He had published some articles in adult education and professional development, educational management, and teaching and learning in Higher Education, invited as Keynote speakers at GDIC, ICETS, JISE, AIbotic Series 2021, European Week 2021, and Edutech, 2021 International Conference. He had participated as a presenter in international conferences in many countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, South Korea, Cyprus, Bangkok, and Beijing. As a reviewer for many journals such as IEEE Access, JULTP, IJCRR, Higher Education Studies Journal, ijolte, IRJE and member some associations in academic and education, such as EAI, WALS, Akadasia, etc.  

He has completed two projects of research funded by the Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI), and RISPRO LPDP under the ministry of Finance of Indonesia. The result of the research had been published in some reputed journals. He is currently working on three research projects related to online learning, 21st-century skills, and the higher education curriculum. He was also involved in many consortium research such as CRC 990 2017-2018.


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