HIMSS APAC Digital Dialogue Series - South Korea

Flattening the Curve with Digital Health: Episode 3 - South Korea

About HIMSS APAC Digital Dialogue Series:

The HIMSS APAC Digital Dialogue Series is a HIMSS member exclusive* webinar series that where HIMSS Chief Clinical Officer and host, Dr. Charles Alessi, virtually travels across seven countries in the Asia Pacific region to speak with healthcare leaders and technology experts on how digital health has become a critical tool in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Alessi's conversations with his guests will not only help us understand the way the virus proliferated, but also provide insight into how the adoption of digital health technologies fits into the wider health ecosystem, better preparing us for a future where digital health is seen as the ‘new normal’ in healthcare.

*For professionals in healthcare provider organizations, government and affiliated healthcare settings, HIMSS APAC will be providing complimentary membership for a limited time.


Episode 3 Synopsis

In this episode of HIMSS APAC Digital Dialogue Series, Dr. Alessi virtually travels to South Korea, famous for its emergency text alerts sent to citizens' mobile devices, but also well on its way to flattening the curve with most businesses opening up again, and little or no active stay home measures enforced.

Dr. Alessi will speak to Dr. Hwang Hee, Chief Information Officer of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital; and Ms. Dong-hee Kim, CEO of Philips Korea to find out just how measures like mass testing, contact tracing and other digital health technologies have played critical roles in tapering the outbreak.

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From 28 May 2020
Until 28 May 2020
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