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We are pleased to announce that a Special Issue, JUN 2020 issue of the Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences Research (JHSSR), Vol. 2 (S) Jun. 2020 has been published ahead of time on 15 June 2020 and is now live at the Journal’s webpage.

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Foreword by the Chief Executive Editor.


1. The Pandemic Paroxysm: Meltdown, Hope and Economy
Brij Mohan


2. COVID-19 Impact on Business Sustainability: A Case of Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia
Raja Suzana Raja Kasim1, Fakhar Shahzad2 and Wan Suzanna Aafanii Adeeba Wan Ibrahim3
3. Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Economy- A Review
Ajay Kumar Poddar*1 and Brijendra Singh Yadav2


4. No Going Back: The impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Corporate Language and Communication Training
Robert Szabó
5. Malaysia’s 2020 Twin Crises: Opportunity to Shape a National Identity Through Creative Narratives
Crescentia Morais


6. The Face of Education and the Faceless Teacher Post COVID-19
Naginder Kaur1 and Manroshan Singh Bhatt2
7. Time to Unite to Fight against COVID-19
Yi Ying
8. COVID-19 and its Impact– Science and Management
Dileep Kumar M.
9. A Snapshot of Taiwanese Actions for Countering the COVID-19 Epidemic
Chi Cheng, Wu1*; Po Kuan, Wu2
10. Strategies Adopted to Prevent Adverse Effects of COVID-19 in India
Amanpreet Kaur


11. Self-care for Public Health Concept with Coronavirus Crisis in Thailand
Chonticha Kaewanuchit1* and Nayan Deep S. Kanwal2


12. The Coronavirus Pandemic and Tourism in Southeast Asia: Case Material from Malaysia
Jennifer Kim Lian Chan1 and Victor T. King*2
13. Engaging with Students and Faculties Online in the Era of the Corona Virus Pandemic: A Higher Education Perspective
Beena Giridharan
14. Competency Assessment for OR - COVID-19
Shubashini Rathina Velu1, Sharmini Gopinathan2 and Murali Raman3
15. Impact of the First Phase of Movement Control Order during the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia on purchasing behavior of Malaysian Consumers
Kamaljeet Kaur1*, Mageswari Kunasegaran2, Jaspal Singh3, Selvi Salome4, and Sukjeet Kaur Sandhu5
16. Pennywise Rips Your Arms Off, You Still Won’t Be Able to Wipe, So Keep Walking: Teaching During COVID-19 Lockdown
Caesar DeAlwis1 and Maya Khemlani David2
17. Role of Information System Management during Emergencies: The COVID-19 Crisis in Malaysia
Sharmini Gopinathan1 and Murali Raman2
18. COVID-19: Global Economic Impact of Novel Coronavirus with Special Reference to India
Sudhakar Patra1, Kabita Kumari Sahu2 and Ashok Bhukta3
19. COVID-19 and Lockdown in India: Challenges for the Tribal Economy of Odisha
Ambuja Kumar Tripathy
20. A Critical Metaphor Analysis on Malaysia’s Gazetted Metaphors amid the Movement Control Order: A COVID-19 Episode
Angela Rumina Leo1 and Maya Khemlani David2
21. Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on the Dietary Pattern and Physical Activity of People
Kanchan Sandhu1 and Baljeet Kaur2

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Published: 17 Jun 2020


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