Prof. Liu Chain-Tsuan

Professor Liu Chain-Tsuan is University Distinguished Professor at City University of Hong Kong, and Senior Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute for Advanced Study (HKIAS).


PhD Degree in Materials Science and Engineering, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (1967)
MS Degree in Engineering and Materials Science, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (1964)
BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering,National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan (1960)

Research Interests/ Areas

Physical metallurgy and mechanical behaviour of metals, alloys, nanostructure materials, intermetallic compounds and bulk amorphous alloys
Microstructure and phase transformation
Alloy design of high-temperature structural materials, precious metal alloys, Ti-base alloys, metal-matrix composites
Innovative material processing

Award and Achievement

Nov 2018 “Appointed as 首届学术委员会委员” Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science.

May 2018 “Appointed as 材料基因与大数据研究院顾问” 哈工大(深圳)材料基因与大数据研究院.

Apr 2018 “Outstanding Reviewer Award” Acta Materialia.

Sep 2017 “Received Taishan Friendship Award” Tai'an Municipal People's Government.

Jul 2017 “Outstanding Contribution Award” Progress in Natural Science: Materials International. Sponsored by China-Materials Research Society (C-MRS) and International Union of Materials Research Societies (IU-MRS).

Jul 2017 “Identify as among top 1% scientists of the world” The Universal Scientific Education and Research Network.

Selected publications

HE, H., WANG, B., LAN, S., RUFF, J. P. C., SUN, C., NAEEM, M., LIU, C-T., & WANG, X-L. (2021). Anomalous X-Ray Scattering and Extended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Study of the Local Structure of CrFeCoNiMox (x = 0.11, 0.18, and 0.23) High-Entropy Alloys. JOM, 73(11), 3285–3290.

Wu, S. W., Yang, T., Cao, B. X., Luan, J. H., Jia, Y. F., Xu, L., Mu, Y. K., Zhang, T. L., Kong, H. J., Tong, X., Peng, J. C., Wang, G., Zhai, Q. J., Lu, J., & Liu, C. T. (2021). Multicomponent Ni-rich high-entropy alloy toughened with irregular-shaped precipitates and serrated grain boundaries. Scripta Materialia, 204, [114066].

Lan, S., Zhu, L., Wu, Z., Gu, L., Zhang, Q., Kong, H., Liu, J., Song, R., Liu, S., Sha, G., Wang, Y., Liu, Q., Liu, W., Wang, P., Liu, C-T., Ren, Y., & Wang, X-L. (2021). A medium-range structure motif linking amorphous and crystalline states. Nature Materials, 20(10), 1347–1352

Cao, B., Zhao, Y., Yang, T., & Liu, C. T. (2021). L12-Strengthened Co-Rich Alloys for High-Temperature Structural Applications: A Critical Review. Advanced Engineering Materials, 23(10), [2100453].

Liu, C., Wang, Q., Han, B., Luan, J., Kai, J-J., Liu, C-T., Wu, G., & Lu, J. (2021). Second phase effect on corrosion of nanostructured Mg-Zn-Ca dual-phase metallic glasses. Journal of Magnesium and Alloys, 9(5), 1546-1555.

Liu Chain Tsuan
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