Prof. Masanori Shimono

Masanori Shimono is an associate professor at Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine.

Brain is a dynamic network organization working in all aspects of our cultural behaviors, and also has well-designed architectures at various scales from a sub-cellular scale to a regional scale. However, the clear logic to explain the principle of how different scales interact cooperatively is not well explored yet. The good news is that recent open science approaches have potential to produce new platforms connecting different data sets having superiority at different scales, which previously existed separately. Moreover, big data science approaches, if properly consideration is given to physiological bases, will allow us to extract new insights including causal effects among disease, social effects, genetical factors, and potentially also the evolutional bases. Our research including this Hakubi project will journey the path to reveal the unknown principle.

Masanori Shimono is an associate professor at the medical school at Kyoto University, Japan. Before it, he experienced an assistant professor at Osaka University, and a posdoc position at Indiana University and also at Massachusetts General Hospital, US.