Saudi Arabia


25 May 2017
The surface proteins responsible for navigating immune cells to sites of inflammation are identified.
23 May 2017
Tungsten and titanium compounds join forces to turn a common alkane into other hydrocarbons.
22 May 2017
A breakthrough in generating water-stable metal-organic frameworks allows efficient removal of water from gases.
Fluorescence of the conjugated polymers in solution.
16 May 2017
Conjugated polymers designed with a twist produce tiny, brightly fluorescent particles with broad applications.
Interdisciplinarity helps unravel the protein puzzle
08 May 2017
The work of a small group specializing in demystifying proteins is having far-reaching effects.
The crest of waveforms for next-gen radar
08 May 2017
A new method for shaping the waveform generated by multi-antenna radar systems is inexpensive and practical.
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01 May 2017
Careful marine management and stricter fishing laws could enable Saudi Arabia’s coral reefs to thrive.
Augmented reality at your fingertips
25 Apr 2017
A new tool uses genetic and clinical information to find the root cause of unexplained illnesses.
18 Apr 2017
An algorithm that prioritizes gene variants with their likelihood of involvement in human disease.
Smart healthcare uses stats to spot a stumble
16 Apr 2017
Statistical monitoring technology can detect serious falls and immediately warn healthcare providers.
Setting regenerable polymer traps
16 Apr 2017
Stable and recyclable materials synthesized using intrinsically porous polymers selectively retain CO2 from exhaust and natural gas.
Stressed dinoflagellates rewrite their genes during transcription.
16 Apr 2017
Dinoflagellates cope with stress by editing their genes rather than changing expression, show researchers at KAUST.
13 Apr 2017
An ultrathin semiconducting sheet showing gas-responsive electronic properties may lead to highly sensitive gas sensors.
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13 Apr 2017
New nano-sized sensors provide unprecedented data on how heat diffuses in and out of living cells.
13 Apr 2017
A biological sensor can identify and quantify the activity of a little-known class of plant hormones, strigolactones.
Active sites for hydrolysis of 2D material
03 Apr 2017
Enzyme follows a two-step verification system before cutting and repairing DNA damage.
Gold nanoparticles imaged at atomic resolution
29 Mar 2017
Understanding how small organic ions stabilize gold nanoparticles may allow for better control.
Manipulation of nanoscale magnetic whirlpools
28 Mar 2017
Discovery of a novel rotational force inside magnetic vortices makes it easier to design ultrahigh capacity disk drives.
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28 Mar 2017
A repository of metabolic information provides a quick reference tool for designing useful synthetic biological systems.
28 Mar 2017
Discovery of a novel rotational force inside magnetic vortices makes it easier to design ultrahigh capacity disk drives.
20 Mar 2017
A new method for visually presenting complex data distributions provides a much-needed tool for management, analysis and interpretation.
20 Mar 2017
Deformable thermoelectric materials add a new twist to the design of energy-scavenging devices.
13 Mar 2017
Plunging hot spheres into viscous liquids reveals a way to reduce fluid resistance without complex engineering procedures.
06 Mar 2017
An efficient wireless signal optimization scheme achieves peak performance for next-generation mobile communications.
MOF schematic
06 Mar 2017
Tunable porous MOF materials interface with electrodes to sound the alarm at the first sniff of hydrogen sulfide.
06 Mar 2017
A statistical model that accounts for common dependencies in spatial data yields more realistic results for studies of temperature, wind and pollution levels.
06 Mar 2017
KAUST researchers develop a method to control the orientation and properties of crystal regions within polycrystalline semiconductors
27 Feb 2017
A statistical technique for automatically cleaning erroneous data from weather-balloon observations will improve the accuracy of weather forecasting.


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