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SEM image
20 Dec 2017
Trapping molecules on custom-designed porous surfaces becomes easier with a new model that unifies previous theories of adsorption.
20 Dec 2017
Tailor-made membranes offer a cleaner method for the industrial-scale separation of chemical mixtures, says Suzana Nunes. But first we need to make their manufacture greener.
Oil and water
12 Dec 2017
Silicon microelectronics and biomedical fields could benefit from a safe and cost-effective way to synthesize nanoparticles.
12 Dec 2017
High-speed communication systems based on ultraviolet radiation are now in sight.
Soil in all shapes and sizes
04 Dec 2017
A new soil classification, and tools to implement it, helps understanding of the properties of the ground underpinning geo-engineering projects.
Transparent thin-film transistor graphic
04 Dec 2017
Large-area, two-dimensional semiconductors wired through transparent oxide conductors produce high-performance see-through electronics.
Igniting future fuel research
27 Nov 2017
Simple two-component mixtures are good surrogates for studying the ignition properties of next-generation gasolines.
Rosette CTD for Red Sea sampling
27 Nov 2017
Turbulence and nutrient availability drive changes in Red Sea microbes.
Tiny speakers break a barrier for sound
27 Nov 2017
A loudspeaker design could allow small devices to produce powerful low-frequency sounds.
20 Nov 2017
Cone-shaped sugar structures can be connected together to form selectively porous nanofiltration membranes.
Physics for Fracking and Fuels
20 Nov 2017
Physicists are playing unexpected roles in meeting future global energy challenges by modeling technologies such as fracking.
A fruitful collaboration
20 Nov 2017
Study design allows more rigorous evaluation of complex healthcare interventions.
15 Nov 2017
A mild post-fabrication doping approach can boost the solar conversion of quantum dot-based photovoltaic cells.
Wastewater treatment
15 Nov 2017
Treating wastewater with solar irradiation shows promise in reducing two E. coli strains but a resilient strain persists.
15 Nov 2017
Efficiency gains come from tuning the properties of semiconducting materials by combining layers of different composition.
07 Nov 2017
Study of the mismatch between spatial environmental data and a commonly used statistical analysis suggests simpler statistics are sufficient in many cases.
Briny pool bacteria can clean up and power up
06 Nov 2017
Promising electrochemical technologies for cleaning wastewater are boosted by discovery of extremophilic microbes in the Red Sea.
Simple green synthesis is a breath of fresh air
06 Nov 2017
A method for creating nanoparticles without using solvents could lead to environmentally friendly electronics.
31 Oct 2017
The world’s warmest sea is heating up faster than the global average, which could challenge the ability of the Red Sea’s organisms to cope.
31 Oct 2017
A powerful statistical tool could significantly reduce the burden of analysing very large datasets.
Think laterally to sidestep production problems
17 Oct 2017
The side-by-side deposition of atomically flat semiconductor sheets enhances solar cell conversion efficiency.
Ocean atmosphere rife with microbes
16 Oct 2017
Microbes are dispersed widely over the oceans with islands acting as stepping-stones to help transport of land-based organisms.
A kite that might fly
16 Oct 2017
Wind turbines suspended high in the sky have potential as an alternative power source for Saudi Arabia.
10 Oct 2017
A statistical technique for modeling large datasets improves interpretation of climate and environmental data.
Giant bacteria make algae easy to stomach
10 Oct 2017
Symbiotic giant bacteria enable Red Sea surgeonfish to specialize their diets.
Missing atoms in a forgotten crystal bring luminescence
10 Oct 2017
A perovskite crystal’s powerful light-emitting capabilities could be due to missing atoms in its structure.
Good vibrations for the future of computing
05 Oct 2017
A vibration-driven logic gate could form the basis for the next generation of efficient, low-power computers.
Red Sea gene pool follows water flow
03 Oct 2017
Satellite imagery shows how currents shape the Red Sea ecosystem.
03 Oct 2017
The molten surface of a sodium-based material could assist the direct conversion of methane to useful building blocks.
Bringing signals into phase
28 Sep 2017
A novel type of electronic component made from a blend of polymer materials could enable more effective circuitry.


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