Saudi Arabia


02 Oct 2018
A more efficient approach to modeling spatial data involving thousands of variables keeps computation time in check.
Figure 1.
01 Oct 2018
A comprehensive model for simulating mudcake growth during oil extraction could transform well-drilling protocols.
01 Oct 2018
Composition in cryptic fauna assemblages changes across a shelf gradient, a recent study of the Red Sea shows.
Magnetic Fields and their Shape
01 Oct 2018
A numerical study reveals how to reduce instabilities in the complex flow of plasma in converging geometry of particles in fusion reactions.
Malaria map
20 Sep 2018
Tools developed by Håvard Rue have transformed data analysis, interpretation and communication and are applied broadly: from modeling the spread of infectious diseases to mapping fish stocks.
Thuwal Ship
17 Sep 2018
A carbon source stemming from daily fish migrations is implicated in the global carbon cycle.
He et al
17 Sep 2018
Nanoparticles with a shell structure improve the performance of zinc-oxide photodetectors.
05 Sep 2018
Simultaneously modeling of air pollutants and weather under extreme conditions highlights the potential for serious health risks.
Drones on beach 1.
05 Sep 2018
While drones scan beaches to assess plastic litter, microplastics are found in the digestive tracts of one in every six Red Sea fish.
30 Jul 2018
Adding certain types of bacteria to soil could help protect plants against drought by activating a proton pump in root cells.
30 Jul 2018
Laser-scribed disordered graphene significantly improves sodium-ion battery capacity.
KAUST water researchers
23 Jul 2018
A low-cost method for collecting water from the atmosphere could be used to provide potable water to dry, inland regions.
Red Sea waters
23 Jul 2018
Volcanic eruptions in Mexico and the Philippines can lead to atmospheric changes that favor the ventilation of deep water in the Red Sea.
18 Jul 2018
A membrane made of porous carbon-fiber structures grown on a porous ceramic substrate is more efficient at filtering seawater than existing similar membranes.
18 Jul 2018
Maintaining a balance between rising sea levels and soil accumulation will rely on careful management of coastal regions.
18 Jul 2018
The first quantification of wind energy in Saudi Arabia points to high wind power potential for many decades to come.
12 Jul 2018
Understanding gas flames’ response to acoustic perturbations at high pressure should make next-generation turbines safer and more efficient.
Whale Shark
12 Jul 2018
Investigations of prey patterns fail to explain why whale sharks aggregate off the coast of Saudi Arabia.
11 Jul 2018
Software could transform underground imaging of fossil fuel reserves by providing unprecedented detail in record time.
Researchers at work
02 Jul 2018
Pairing a conjugated polymer with a redox enzyme generates a fast, selective, and sensitive electrochemical biosensor for metabolites.
TARA crew working on sample processing
02 Jul 2018
Corals, even in the most far-flung locations, are being affected by climate change but fare better in marine protected areas.
Rose 1
02 Jul 2018
A novel imaging method makes it possible to capture object deformation in three dimensions over time with unprecedented accuracy.
Plant colonization
02 Jul 2018
Bacteria isolated from desert plants could provide the key to maintaining productive agriculture in arid regions.
Image Name
02 Jul 2018
A metal catalyst that gives distinct carbon-based molecular skeletons upon ligand change may unlock cost-effective, green synthetic routes.
Maha Diving
02 Jul 2018
Research reveals the genetic response to heat stress and highlights symbiotic algae’s role.
02 Jul 2018
A new conceptual model for describing a fuel’s composition can accelerate and simplify combustion simulations.
02 Jul 2018
A metal carbide within a hydrogel composite senses, stretches and heals like human skin for use in medicine and robotics.
13 Jun 2018
Learning how boron evaporates will help to improve water desalination technologies.
Drones 1.
12 Jun 2018
Innovative drone designs and software enables a team of drones to work together in a coordinated approach.
11 Jun 2018
A molecular process that signals distress could also help corals adapt to climate change.


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