Saudi Arabia


05 Jun 2018
The interface between two tin-oxide semiconductors can exhibit unexpected metallic properties.
HAMDAN et al.
05 Jun 2018
An unexpected two-step mechanism occurs when cells copy DNA.
Farooq 1
23 May 2018
Spotting signatures of potential pollutants made easier with quantum lasers that emit tunable infrared light.
23 May 2018
Nemo’s genome has been deciphered and made publicly available, helping researchers further investigate fish ecology and evolution.
Messina Disaster
23 May 2018
Rainfall simulations in statistical models could allow accurate prediction of dangerous landslides.
Statistics talk
15 May 2018
Mapping genetic influences on connections between neural networks could lead to a better understanding of brain organization and behavior.
Enzyme from a hot salty sea
15 May 2018
Protein analysis could lead to new advances in DNA sequencing technologies.
14 May 2018
Advanced analysis of seismic data could lead the next wave in oil exploration.
14 May 2018
Big data shows that large marine vertebrates move differently, but consistently, through coastal and ocean waters.
14 May 2018
An optical communication system could revolutionize underwater exploration and discovery.
11 May 2018
A fast and safe method to prepare a 3D porous material that mimics the shape of a honeycomb could have broad applications from catalysis to drug delivery or for filtering air to remove pollutants or viruses.
Red Sea researchers at KAUST
07 May 2018
Color changes in the northern Red Sea indicate rising sea temperatures could significantly impact tropical marine ecosystems.
Shark and sensor
07 May 2018
An electronic tag that stretches and flexes while it records location and environmental data can monitor marine animals in their natural habitat.
03 May 2018
Custom-made gas-sensing material could lead to inexpensive devices for real-time air quality analysis.
Image Name
03 May 2018
Precise control of the atomic structure of gallium-oxide layers improves the development of high-power electronic devices.
30 Apr 2018
KAUST has appointed Dr. Tony Chan as its third president, to assume office on September 1, 2018. Chan joins KAUST after nearly a decade as president of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).
Nanocrystals crew
25 Apr 2018
Perovskite particles could improve the performance of solar cells and light-emitting diodes via a simple process to stabilize the nanocrystal surface.
18 Apr 2018
A new malaria metabolic model may uncover better ways to treat a highly deadly disease.
18 Apr 2018
A porous cerium-based coating boosts the durability of oxygen-forming catalysts while maintaining their inherent water-splitting activity.
KAUST Researchers and SMI
18 Apr 2018
An innovative chemical reactor for depositing semiconductors at very high temperatures draws on the strength of Saudi Arabia’s chemical industry.
Energy Farm
12 Apr 2018
A risk-based optimization scheme boosts confidence and profitability for future mixed-technology power plants.
12 Apr 2018
Standalone power modules that harvest and convert vibrations from their surroundings into electricity could soon fuel future microsystems.
04 Apr 2018
A new ink containing iron-oxide nanoparticles can be turned into fully printed and versatile components for cellular networks.
Tad Patzek
04 Apr 2018
Oil expert Tadeusz Patzek aims to ensure that efficient recovery of oil and gas remains feasible whilst scientists find alternative green energy sources.
29 Mar 2018
Spray coating and inkjet-based electronics manufacture are among the industrial applications in which liquid droplets are applied to a surface. But minuscule air bubbles that get trapped beneath the droplet as it lands can affect the coating’s quality and uniformity.
21 Mar 2018
Faster computations will allow researchers to see the finer details of brain activity in functional brain imaging.
21 Mar 2018
The availability of high-resolution data collected by miniaturized satellites heralds a turning point in Earth and environmental sensing from space.
20 Mar 2018
A technique modeling the combustion characteristics of gasoline blended with biofuels for cleaner and more efficient fuels.
DNA up close
13 Mar 2018
New method offers a means of ‘efficient and high-throughout’ technique to study the structure of DNA.
Diagram of underwater sensors
12 Mar 2018
Unveiling new strategies to improve future wireless underwater sensing networks for marine research and communication.


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