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22 Feb 2019
Laboratory model breaks laws of heredity, opening up new research possibilities in genetics and synthetic biology.
Writing Math for machine learning algorithms
18 Feb 2019
Computer model learns to identify Twitter users’ evolving interests by analyzing their Tweets.
The air entrapment under a drop impacting on a nano-rough surface.
12 Feb 2019
Rapid-fire photography reveals how even a nanoscale amount of surface roughness can unleash microbubbles that may interfere with coating technology.
12 Feb 2019
Study illustrates the links between brain energy metabolism and neuronal activity.
Plant Picture
06 Feb 2019
Desert bacteria protect food crops from salt toxicity.
Sensor in situ
04 Feb 2019
Laser-induced graphene formation creates tailor-made sensors for monitoring ocean creatures and ecosystems.
29 Jan 2019
Small tweaks in component ratios generate electronically different layers from the same material to create transparent transistors.
28 Jan 2019
Combining a polymer and microparticles enables a new type of capacitor that could mimic the way the brain processes information.
24 Jan 2019
Inkjet-printed switches make multiple frequency bands easier and cheaper to manage in wireless devices.
Reef Framework Assessment_1
24 Jan 2019
Determining the growth dynamics of Red Sea coral reefs has enabled researchers to establish a baseline to assess the effects of environmental change.
Faculty and student in lab
22 Jan 2019
A combined treatment may help tackle the rise of E. coli PI-7 in Saudi Arabia’s wastewater systems.
Action figure with sensing skin
10 Dec 2018
Flexible skin for soft robots, embedded with electrical nanowires, combines conductivity with sensitivity within the same material.
Authors busy in the lab
10 Dec 2018
Helpful microbes inhale CO2 through a porous cylindrical electrode and exude useful chemicals.
Gas leak researchers
06 Dec 2018
Ultrafast video capture of droplet cloud formation should help minimize the risk of gas-leak explosions.
Stats and weather
04 Dec 2018
A more accurate way of resolving spatial patterns in weather could lead to better predictions of climate change.
Hydrogel poured
27 Nov 2018
An inexpensive hydrogel-based material efficiently captures moisture even from low-humidity air and then releases it on demand.
Future fuels
27 Nov 2018
A compound made from the glycerol by-product of biodiesel production could promote cleaner burning in vehicle engines.
Hydrophobicity upgraded
26 Nov 2018
Immersion could become the ultimate test for assessing the wetting properties of coating-free microtextured surfaces.
14 Nov 2018
Investigating plankton communities' reaction to rising water temperatures may improve modeling of marine ecosystem responses to global warming.
Soot particle
14 Nov 2018
Understanding the effect pressure has on soot production during fuel combustion could help reduce polluting emissions.
12 Nov 2018
Modeling shows that the Indian summer monsoon can trigger heatwaves and sandstorms on the Arabian Peninsula.
Genton et al 1
06 Nov 2018
Harnessing the power of virtual reality will help to visualize data and improve statistical models.
Brainwave recordings
01 Nov 2018
A new statistical tool for collectively analyzing large sets of brainwaves promises to accelerate neurofunctional research.
MOF cleanup act
30 Oct 2018
A metal-organic framework that selectively removes impurities from natural gas could allow greater use of this cleaner fossil fuel.
24 Oct 2018
A window opens for analyzing the distribution of small molecules in biological and medical tissue samples
22 Oct 2018
Modeling changes in brain activity over time provides deeper insights into learning and behavioral responses.
Collaborative research
16 Oct 2018
Xin Gao’s research is building bridges between computer science and biology.
16 Oct 2018
Printable solar materials could soon turn many parts of a house into solar panels.
Solar scientists in the lab
09 Oct 2018
Tantalum nitride as thin layers improve the extraction of electrons from silicon solar cells.
04 Oct 2018
Genome sequencing of two Red Sea bacteria highlights their potential as industrial workhorses.


23 Mar 2009
TICC - 2009 will provide opportunities for academics, researchers and industrialists to interact, exchange ideas, discuss the contemporary research topics. Special sessions will focus on the recent advances in the fields of nanotechnology and new functional materials design and synthesis.


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