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A little tension yields enormous solar crystals
26 Sep 2017
New evidence of surface-initiated crystallization may improve the efficiency of printable photovoltaic materials.
Fueling a cleaner combustion
20 Sep 2017
Insight into the thermal decomposition of a potential fuel additive shows it could promote cleaner and more efficient combustion.
A simple additive to improve film quality
18 Sep 2017
Simple chemicals called glycol ethers help make better perovskite thin films for solar cells.
No strings attached for underwater video system
14 Sep 2017
An underwater wireless optical communications system for streaming high-quality, live video.
13 Sep 2017
A new statistical approach for environmental measurements lets the data determine how to model extreme events.
Helping corals to cope with pressure
28 Aug 2017
When faced with high salinity, the tiny plant cells within coral tissue alter their metabolites to better cope with stress.
Dark materials squeeze green fuel from sunlight
28 Aug 2017
Metallic nanostructures that slow down light dramatically can triple the efficiency of solar-based hydrogen fuel generation.
Shape-shifters soak up sunshine
28 Aug 2017
Photosensitive perovskites change shape when exposed to light.
Blink and you'll miss it
20 Aug 2017
A faster approach for computer detection of moving objects in video takes us a step closer to mimicking the reflexive detection ability of the animal visual system.
3D particle tracking? There's an app for that
20 Aug 2017
Smartphones put state-of-the-art 3D particle tracking in the hands of the masses.
Fewer defects from a 2D approach
13 Aug 2017
Flatter materials have fewer imperfections, which makes for better solar cells and light sensors.
Vapor harvesting gets the edge
13 Aug 2017
Surface wettability has little effect on atmospheric water gathering, but edge structure is crucial.
Nature provides a key to repelling liquids
30 Jul 2017
A nature-based technique paves the way for cheaper and environmentally friendly liquid-repellent materials.
More rain for the Red Sea if El Niño breezes in
30 Jul 2017
Modeling leads to a better understanding of the role El Niño plays in increasing rainfall along the Red Sea coast.
24 Jul 2017
3D-printed, disposable sensors capable of detecting noxious gases and changes in temperature and humidity, could revolutionize environmental monitoring.
Shaping up against pathogens
23 Jul 2017
Plants can reprogram their genetic material to mount a defensive response against pathogens, which may have applications for agriculture.
A firefly's flash inspires new nanolaser light
16 Jul 2017
KAUST researchers predict that synchronized emissions from new on-chip lasers can produce artificial neural networks at low cost
Nanoparticles take a bite out of infections
10 Jul 2017
Spiky-shaped additives help antimicrobial coatings sense and inhibit bacteria growth on dental devices.
A comparison of dependence function estimators in multivariate extremes
10 Jul 2017
A systematic approach to selecting and configuring statistical models improves predictions of extreme events.
02 Jul 2017
Insights into the thermal behavior of metal nitride nanowires could open new avenues in optical electronics.
02 Jul 2017
The genome sequences of two "false" corals offer a window into the evolution of calcification, which may help their reef-building cousins.
Splitting Water
02 Jul 2017
A technique to create a material for cost-effective water electrolysis uses a simple chemical method for preparing nickel-based anodes to improve the oxygen-evolution reaction. Efficiency gains like this one developed by KAUST are important in evolving renewable energy.
Using sunlight to the max
19 Jun 2017
A floating membrane that uses sunlight to evaporate water shows potential for water purification.
11 Jun 2017
Two proteins produced by a single gene interact to keep the genome in check
A changing climate affects plankton populations
11 Jun 2017
Data from a global oceanographic expedition predict how rising temperatures influence growth of plankton populations.
The hidden order in DNA diffusion
07 Jun 2017
The movement of DNA molecules seemingly explained by random motion conceals a more orderly march.
Keeping the hydrogen coming
06 Jun 2017
A coating of molybdenum improves the efficiency of catalysts for producing hydrogen.
05 Jun 2017
A unique investigation highlights how excess nitrogen can trigger coral bleaching in the absence of heat stress.
Engines fire without smoke
29 May 2017
Car manufacturers could clean up vehicle exhausts using a new model of gasoline combustion developed using experimental data.
25 May 2017
Tungsten and titanium compounds join forces to turn a common alkane into other hydrocarbons.


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