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Rosette CTD for Red Sea sampling
27 Nov 2017
Turbulence and nutrient availability drive changes in Red Sea microbes.
31 Oct 2017
The world’s warmest sea is heating up faster than the global average, which could challenge the ability of the Red Sea’s organisms to cope.
Red Sea gene pool follows water flow
03 Oct 2017
Satellite imagery shows how currents shape the Red Sea ecosystem.
Left- and right-sided attacks
14 Sep 2017
Two researchers from Nagoya University and the University of Toyama find scale-eating fish have a naturally stronger side for attacking prey fish, and learn to use the dominant side through experience.
Helping corals to cope with pressure
28 Aug 2017
When faced with high salinity, the tiny plant cells within coral tissue alter their metabolites to better cope with stress.
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10 Aug 2017
A research team in Korea succeeded in measuring multichannel EEG of zebrafish using non-invasive method. It is expected to be used in the development of new drugs to treat brain diseases such as epilepsy syndrome.
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10 Jul 2017
Scientists at University of Malaya, Malaysia, have found that the seagrass meadows in Johor harbor three times more juvenile fish than coral reefs. They also found that the dugong herds there prefer certain types of meadows over others.
02 Jul 2017
The genome sequences of two "false" corals offer a window into the evolution of calcification, which may help their reef-building cousins.
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20 Jun 2017
A team at Qatar University has discovered a new species of crab during an exploration trip on the research vessel Janan. The trip aimed to investigate marine benthic biodiversity within the Qatar Marine Zone.
A changing climate affects plankton populations
11 Jun 2017
Data from a global oceanographic expedition predict how rising temperatures influence growth of plankton populations.
23 May 2017
Researchers in Hong Kong have assembled the 1.64 gigabytes genome of a deep-sea mussel. The discovery gives wider insights into future research on the mechanisms of symbiosis in other marine organisms such as giant tubeworms and giant clams.
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01 May 2017
Careful marine management and stricter fishing laws could enable Saudi Arabia’s coral reefs to thrive.


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