Editor's Choice: Shrimps in hot springs🦐, new dengue antiviral, tiny superfood🥦, greener circuits & more!

New shrimp species in ancient hot spring, Super sprouts, How "warm-ups" work, New antiviral candidate, Solving voltage decay and from our blog: A sustainable future shines in TIE 2023. Read all in the latest Editor's Choice.

New shrimp species in ancient hot spring

A species of freshwater shrimp discovered thriving at high temperatures in the hot springs of an ancient Inca city may give clues on how freshwater creatures adapt amid climate change.

Take a dip

Super sprouts

Antioxidant properties in broccoli sprouts may enable drug and therapy development for various diseases.

How “warm-ups” work

According to a study, skeletal muscle is more sensitive to temperature increases than heart muscle. So warm-ups can actually activate skeletal muscles quickly and improve exercise performance.   

Feel the burn

New antiviral candidate
An antiviral that targets viruses that can replicate shortly after infection has shown efficacy in tests for dengue, Covid-19 and chikungunya virus.

Solving voltage decay

A research team has developed battery technology that has negligible voltage decay, resulting in longer-lasting and more efficient batteries.   

Watt's next

A sustainable future shines in Taiwan Innotech Expo 2023

Super semiconductors for green solutions, virtual reality disability communications, hydrogen power, and AI in medicine – Taiwan Innotech Expo 2023 promised so much more.

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