UNIST Expands Its Partnership with Cambridge University

Building on the success of existing partnerships, South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) signed an MoU with Churchill College to pledge mutual support for one another in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Building on the success of existing partnerships, UNIST is significantly expanding its academic exchange with prestigious universities in the world. Following its recent partnership with Harvard University in 2017, students of UNIST will now take part in the summer exchange program at Churchill College, which is part of the University of Cambridge in the UK, starting next year. On December 10, UNIST has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Churchill College to pledge mutual support for one another in the pursuit of academic excellence. In the memorandum of understanding, the two organizations promised to promote academic collaboration, joint research programs, as well as faculty and student exchange programs. Under this agreement, about 50 UNIST students will be given the opportunity to participate in rigorous and enriching study abroad and research experiences at Churchill College in the UK. In turn, UNIST plans on organizing a visiting program for students at Churchill College. In particular, UNIST hopes to invite them to its existing summer exchange program, namely ‘SPIKE (Summer Program of Internship and Korean Experience)’. Such academic exchange will not only help students gain valuable international experience, but will also facilitate collaboration between two organizations. “Visiting a world-class university and experiencing the highest level of research environment and learning atmosphere will be a great motivation for students,” says President Mooyoung Jung of UNIST. “In order to enable UNIST students to grow into global leaders, we plan to expand our exchange programs with prestigious universities in the future.” Churchill College is one of the 31 colleges that make up the University of Cambridge, England. Name after Sir Winston Churchill, the college was founded in 1960 with the intention of educating students in science and engineering, yet still retains a strong interest in the arts and humanities. The college with nearly 860 students enrolled, counts 32 Nobel Prize winners amongst its Fellowship, both past and present. Meanwhile, UNIST has been running a student exchange program, namely ‘UNIST and Harvard SEAS Summer Exchange Program‘ with Harvard University to promote cultural awareness in engineering education, since 2017. About ten students immerse themselves in a 10-day intensive research experience over the summer. UNIST will continue to expand its academic exchange with other universities, in addition to the existing programs with the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and Churchill College, a constituent college of the University of Cambridge.