The Malayan Night Heron sighted in USM

University Science Malaysia (USM)’s researchers have discovered a bird species, which is reportedly rare not only in Malaysia, but also Asia.

The bird, *The Malayan Night Heron*, was first discovered by USM researchers in USM’s Durian Valley between 8 and 12 February 2009 in two locations in that area.

According to the ‘Asian Waterbirds Sensor Committee’, the last species discovery in Penang happened some five to six years ago and this is the first time the same species has been found in Penang in USM. This proves that the campus is not the gathering spot for the almost extinct bird species.

USM Vice Chancellor, Prof. Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, announced the discovery on Friday and at the same time launched the ‘Eco-Hub USM’.

The Eco Hub USM is part of an integrated effort to elevate USM into a prestigious reference centre for ecology and environment to the world.

The Vice Chancellor also relaunched ‘Durian Valley USM’ which has been earmarked as the sanctuary for rare bird species in the country.

Published: 22 Feb 2009

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